Weekly Writing Inspiration #8

It’s a new month and yet another week so with that in mind it’s time to share memes. Perhaps there’s something amongst all this you will find inspirational, either way September is going to be the busiest month of all time for me. If you hear the faint sound of an explosion in the distance around the 1st of October, it’s just me, exploding….

I suppose we can all relate, although things have been okay-ish this year apart from the global pandemic….. okay maybe I am in denial and I should just accept this year for the dumpster fire it is…

Ah, those tricky interview questions that require an answer outside of logic….

Rock and roll man! Respect to the fans….

Don’t get me started with the Youtube. Would you like premium? Please start this survey, have another ad…. WE NEED A NEW VIDEO PLATFORM without these things…. do something, someone, oh hello Bill Gates…

Good ol’ Bill…. but windows 8 was crap… no hard feelings though, especially if that vaccine works and you create a new platform to rival Youtube! I’m not asking for much

Feel free to copy and paste this all around writers, that’s what I did…. let us browse past the $10,000 part quietly….

And this here graphic shows August was my best ever month for organic book sales ever – no promo, no enhancements just natural sales!

Speaking of Book Sales, this month like I mentioned will be busy and will also see the release of my 6th book Darke Awakening which is part of the Order of the Following Series.

Other books in that series will be on promo starting with Cemetery House which will be FREE to download today and the next day – then discounted over the weekend. If you like a Halloween vibes type of read then check it out, it works as a stand alone also and it NEEDS REVIEWS!

You can also expect another Hall of Information Interview very soon! Stay tuned folks, stay positive but for the love of God do not test positive. Thanks for reading, hope you were moderately inspired. Peace out, rock and roll man!

Fallout 4 is here!

War never changes… From the moment of installing Fallout 4 you are thrown back into a world many fans have been waiting for. This week Bethesda did what they said earlier this year and released the very much anticipated Fallout 4.


I can only review what I have played (1hr 45mins) but what I have seen will please even the most basic of spectators. For those not quite familiar with the fallout universe (there can’t be many of you) the whole premise of this game is what the world would be after nuclear apocalypse. Of course there are major details I have missed out, but for me Fallout has always been a journey of self-discovery. Every game experience is different and unique. Every path is yet to be discovered. I could play for an hour doing one thing and another person could start exactly where I do and end up elsewhere.

Moving on to the actual game, right now my first impression is that the people who made this thing have spent an awful lot of time doing so. The graphics match the hype surrounded by its release and all visuals in this game so far are stunning. They have literally thought of everything.

Combat in this game is dictated by the VATS system which allows you to slow the world down (only slightly this time compared to before) and you can carefully aim at a target. Using this system you will see the menacing threats slowly come towards you unless something is done. Even then your ability to hit the target is defined by the stats you choose at the very beginning of this journey. Perception ,luck and some others are important factors in surviving in the wasteland and you are reminded of this in self-help vault tech videos played as the game loads up initially.

I will continue to admire the detail in this game. The very beginning we are treated to an actual film with real actors and sets introducing this world (pre apocalypse). That leads into the voice acting which this time is a full experience. Every conversation is spoken and normally most of the time there are several options of what to say (again time and detail).

After only an hour and forty five minutes of play  I can only guess that there is so much more for me to discover and do. Building weapons and actual settlements is a new direction for this series to go and will make it a more rounded experience which will fully immerse even the most casual of players.

Fallout is a world of discovery and that world is at our feet. Gaming will never be the same, but we all know war, war never changes.


You can see my first hour of gameplay including commentary right here via Matt Streuli’s youtube channel. Definitely worth a look if you are not sure whether to buy this game, but you will.


The Problem with Wrestling : The Wrestling edition

This week were pulling on the Lycra and stepping into the ring.

“The following contest is a wrestling themed blog…….”


Chris Benoit performing his famous diving headbutt

As a prolific wrestling fan during the last decade I remember exactly where I was when the shocking news became apparent of a high profile death with in the business.

I am talking about an accomplished Canadian wrestler who in 2007 was found dead in his Atlanta home along with his young son and wife. (later to be a confirmed as a murder suicide)

It was a Tuesday evening when I put in my VHS that recorded Monday night raw and was met by the chairman of the world wrestling entertainment standing. There he stood in the ring. But the surrounding arena empty. Something was wrong, very very wrong. (to me at this point was my world)

As a trembling Vince McMahon announced that Chris Benoit was dead I immediately said out loud “No”

Here was a wrestler that I had come to like and seen him achieve the greatest of feats within his organisation. Entertain and captivate so many, but then he was gone, and would never be seen again.

The wrestling industry has always interested me on many levels. Whether that be the whole pageantry of the show or the politics behind the scenes. As well as being pure theater there was something I always admired about it and there were many instances I considered pursuing a career that way. But the most intriguing thing is also a deterrent. That is the amount of wrestlers that have died.

You don’t have to look that far under the surface of this industry to see that so many of these people that have died were under the age of 50.

A worrying statistic is that the Ultimate Warrior who passed earlier this year (heart related) is the 12th wrestler who competed at WWE’s annual show Wrestlemania VI (1990) to have died.

To compare, the Superbowl held that year between the 49ers and Broncos, only one of those players is dead (reference here).

I did speak about this in a podcast earlier this year (off the radar).


The Ultimate Warrior earlier this year before his passing

So why is the death rate alarmingly high?

Is it the combination of drugs/rock and roll life style plus a gruelling schedule? Even more worrying so that the WWE is now in a ‘PG’ era. Meaning more and more kids are looking up to these superstars. I do remember a year or so ago I caught an interview (youtube) with Rowdy Roddy Piper who said back in the 80’s everyone was on drugs, whether that be to pick you up before a show and take you back down afterwards.

My favourite wrestler when I used to watch religiously was Jeff Hardy. Even he and his brother have had drug problems in the past, and resulted in his sacking. But they are both still around and working.

More to the point many of wrestler deaths occurred after their tenure in WWE. Of course there are exceptions such as the late Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. So does that leave Vince McMahon with or without blood on his hands. Even after the investigation of Chris Benoit, the findings stated that at the time of his suicide and murder of wife and child he had the brain of an 85 year old alzheimer’s patient. The common factor with both of these deaths was indeed steroids.

McMahon publicly said he didn’t support these findings but to me there is a large amount of blood on his hands.


Jeff Hardy atop of a ladder in one of his last WWE appearances

Since some of these higher profile deaths a wellness drug policy has phased into WWE but it still isn’t enough. Yeah sure you can pay for someone’s Rehab but once an addict always an addict right? So they acknowledge there’s a problem but it seems the policy is there to protect the game and not the player.

Until Vince McMahon and the WWE start introducing a retirement health plan, wrestlers will keep on dying young.  I hold a great amount of respect for people who step into the squared circle but they do so at a risk. Not so much of injury but of being consumed by the lifestyle it provides.

A good documentary about this can be found on YouTube and it centers around Chris Benoit’s story

For all of Chris’ achievements which are many there is never a mention of his name once in WWE programming since his untimely death. I would like to see if that would be the case if someone like Triple H met the same fate.

What do you think? Wrestling fan or not, there is definitely some level of problem.



I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have signed up to follow my Hall of information.

Episode 4

It’s the fourth episode and I still have stuff to write about!

Introductions Part 10

Whoa I hear you say. What happened to the introductions between? Well I’m doing that clever thing like in TV or film when they flash forward into the future for a brief time. (I’m not actually sure if there will be 10 instalments of introductions but it sounds like a round figure to jump ahead to)

So in March of this year, I had reached frustration city in terms of sending my manuscript out to various agents and publishers seemingly to no avail. At this point I just wanted to know if or where I was going wrong, and if my book has what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with others.

After some googling I came across the oxford editors. They were offering a service that appraises a manuscript and involves a report at the end. Finally I have received most of that report (I wont go into the amount of chasing I had to do for it and quite honestly I wouldn’t do it again).

My whole angle was to actually have someone honestly look at my manuscript without it just being cast off into the many slush piles. It involved a fee and hopefully that would entice someone to be obligated to actually have a read.

The initial part of the report came through and here are the highlights in the form of quotations:

“I think the idea of this book is ingenious and it has a great deal of potential. However, the first few pages of any book are so important and here I think that you put all the points, but it is rather flat the way you have presented it, so it is like reading an article and not the sort of start that pulls readers into a book”

As much as this starts off complimentary I agree with the points.

“Probably the most important moment of the entire book, in terms of hooking readers, agents and publishers is that first sentence.”

Again I agree and my opening sentence could in fact be better.

To interpret the rest of the report it is apparent that the opening chapter does need some work in order to really grasp the reader. Not work as in rip it up and start again but a series of minor changes and additions to get the opening looking great. That goes for the whole book, there are some instances where I am telling the reader something when I should be showing them.

This is what I have been waiting for since March and now I have been given some decent constructive advice. From here the plan can be instigated. Phase 1 of the Warrior Project Publishing plan has been activated.

  1. Receive manuscript assessment      (I am more proud of the fact that I discovered there is a button to allow crossing words out, technology these days. I’ve been waiting to use that since I started this blog)

Back to the main plotline

Introductions Part 4 (where were we)

After much thinking I decided to start from the very beginning of my story. On my brothers laptop I began writing a title called ‘Untitled Warrior Project’. At this point it that was it in terms of a title and over many autumn evenings I pecked away, putting together the foundations for what would be my ‘first’ book. I had previously attempted to write a Clark Thorn story (a few years back on the xp piece of sh**) so from that initial idea I built the basics.

I struggled throughout this time, adapting to the horrible process that I still don’t like and that is the initial draft. (I do it in hour sessions now (controlling my addiction) To me drafting just feels like whatever thoughts one has is literally sucked out onto page, and that is what one element of what writing is to me. Translation of thought from brain to page.

My run in drafting this ‘warrior project’ ended just as quickly as it started leaving me with writers block at chapter 3.

To be continued….


A video

This week a good friend of mine Matt Streuli released a video in tribute to his late mother Janet Ann Streuli. As much as his journey and story is a sad one it also pays homage to the legacy left behind and how it helps him to this day. I share the same hobby with him, that being amateur drama, something I have grown to love and almost need in life. For a few hours a week we get to be what we want to be, whether that is the dashing hero or dastardly villain and perhaps anything in between. It’s a release and stress reliever at times. For whatever is going on in our lives there is always a place where we can be us or someone else. Check out his video here


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