Logan Review

I don’t think anybody knows where the actual timeline of events lies with the last few X men films but I can happily say that’s not relevant. As a matter of fact I myself have never seen a bad X men film and so I went into watching Logan with rather high hopes.

If you have read my reviews before I do my best not to include major spoilers so consider this a warning if you haven’t seen Logan.

logan.PNGThe year is 2029 and quickly we are introduced to an older beat up Logan. Hugh Jackman fits into an older wolverine well considering he is older now. Walking around with a limp you immediately believe Logan has seen better days. The mutants we all know too well with this universe are nearly all but gone. That is apart from the Professor himself (Patrick Stewart) who brings probably his greatest performance of Professor X I have seen.The wheel chair bound genius is reduced very much to his somewhat demented thoughts and is reliant on medication.

For the first time in these movies we see the pinnacle icon characters for who they really are, and without being poetic this film about mutants has never been so human. Wolverine is literally floating down at the bottom of the barrel and trying his best to keep Professor X above water. The likes of Storm, Rogue, Cyclops and the school for the gifted has long gone making the premise of Logan dark and even desolate in some places.

The story soon enough unfolds which is; survival of the mutants. The mostly mute and brilliantly cast Dafne Keen plays a young girl caught up in the full on extermination of her kind. It is up to Wolverine and Professor X albeit their conditions to bring her to safety. Action is woven in and out of the plot and feels relevant at all times even if this is an uber violent version of an X men film. We see the very graphic repercussions of what clawed hands actually do to a man in a somewhat Tarantino style. Paired with this is the swearing and a lot of if which is no complaint to me, it just adds to the humanistic realism.

The bad guys come in the form of Boyd Holbrook a bounty hunter type and later on the twisted doctor played by Richard E Grant who are equally great and convincing. They do their best to track down the final mutants some of which are very young kids all in hiding.

As much as we could predict from the trailer this film did feel like a final send off for an era of great films.Anything that did happen wasn’t predictable and even came out of the blue. I must give full credit to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stuart who both in my opinion put in oscar worthy performances. Both of them were really emotionally attatched to their characters and you get a well invested performance across the board, even the minor characters felt like they were well thought of.

As much as its uncomfortable to see X men favorites in such a position it has given them a brand new angle and relevance. Emotion, brutal struggle and coming of age are the words I would use to define this film which was watchable all the way through.

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Suicide Squad: Bad guys Rule

This year seems to be the arrival of DC and the summer blockbuster belongs to the rag tag ‘bad guys’ known as Suicide Squad.

First a brief moan: All I have heard about this film in social media is bad things or criticisms, Marvel sympathisers, grow up, this is DC’s time now, the avengers was so last year (or before). Just enjoy the film and stop looking for problems.
Here we have an adult film that kids can also enjoy, not a kid’s film that adults fan boy over, that there is the core difference between the comic giants (but no hate towards either).
Earlier this year the scene was officially set for the newly formed universe (Batman vs Superman) which just seems to impress me. David Ayer played things safe from the offset by introducing his film with a stellar sound track and familiar tunes in a criminal underworld we aren’t too familiar with.
In a world where someone like Superman has the potential to be a bad guy, who are we going to call if things do go Pete tong? (Wrong, do try to keep up).
This becomes the film’s main premise in an already bustling universe, we as an audience are quickly and stylishly introduced to a group of meta-humans and so called super villains, all them currently incarcerated. And so Suicide Squad is born.
What I appreciated the most about these characters was the detailed but brief enough back stories they all had. Some even had an emotional history or connection which in turn unites them as a team, yeah they are bad guys, but what they stand for is something much greater.
A mysterious and powerful thing (yeah I said thing, we are avoiding spoilers here) causes havoc and its up to the squad led by Joel Kinnaman (Robocop) who is given the task to chaperone these ‘bad guys’. As you can guess the group don’t take to the situation straight away or to each other, this is all part of the process of what this film intends to deliver.
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the full package of crazy, fun, endearing and of course scantily clad throughout most of her scenes. She provides a humour in which Marvel could really take a lesson from, natural laughs and even gags which don’t feel pushed or desperate for laughs. You will laugh at points in this film and that’s a good thing.
Will Smith as Dead Shot delivers well and along with Harley Quinn they steal the show and run with it throughout. But this film is an ensemble performance with a solid cast that includes; Cara Delevingne, Viola Davis, Karen Fukuhara and of course nobody could forget Jared Leto as the famously dastardly Joker. I will also give full marks to Diablo, a well layered character who develops with the story.
There are essences of an origin story between the Joker and Harley which isn’t pushed or forced upon us. Many of the film’s best back story moments were delivered in way of flash backs, this just added to already colourful set up this film had.
The street setting was tight and enclosed much like the narrows of Gotham and the whole film had a great atmospheric somewhat colourful feel, again something which DC does incredibly well.
I didn’t even notice the time pass in what is over two hours of quality entertainment. Even though Suicide Squad is billed as a comic book film, its far more than that and doesn’t even feel like the typical run of the mill hero film. They are bad guys after all.
The story that began earlier this year continues forward and looks towards introducing Justice League heroes, but first we stop off to check out their competition because down the line I think all this is going to come together in one explosive culmination.
Overall I enjoyed Suicide Squad and would happily recommend seeing it. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see these extended DC universe characters.

Captain America: Civil War, a review

The Hall of information is web slinging it’s way back to you for yet another super hero movie review. Well make rain while the hay shines or something like that as we are in an age of cinema where super heroes are literally falling out of every orifice! Geez just don’t let hulk fall out of me, that could be painful and messy, nevertheless the extended marvel universe is back with its latest offering which you could even call the Avengers 2.5.


Okay lets straighten things up before we start. I am kind of indifferent/snobbish towards super hero movies as of recent (mainly the marvel ones, there’s just too many okay). They tend to dominate cinema and over shadow things. Marvel are indeed a juggernaut express train rammed full of different heroes but deep down I am preferential to DC (but X-men have my heart).

With that out the way lets get to the movie. I’m not particularly inclined to give away major plot points and spoilers. Let’s just say I prefer to tell you what I liked and what worked, then what didn’t.

We get introduced to some back story about the winter soldier, its all very captain americy to begin with. Soon enough many of the faces new and old from the Avengers film show up and some action happens. Bad guys are fought, CGI is used and then the main theme is presented to us. The morality of the Avengers, are they right to blow up stuff for justice. What would you do if they took out your favourite Maccy D’s?

So a few innocent people’s legs get blown off and the UN aren’t happy.

The film seemed to go up and down in terms of action and talking. Eventually this whole morality thing divides the camp and you get your ‘civil war’. The somewhat absent Captain America, yes he’s absent in his own film, well he goes one way and Iron Man goes the other.

Tony Stark who is perfect by Downey Junior seems to spend the later marvel films in a somewhat conflicted with himself state. So much so, he rubs off on the other Avengers about what is really right or wrong. For quite some time this did just feel like anything but Captain America, maybe Iron Man 4 or Introducing the bug named avengers such as Ant Man. Having missed Ant Man, regretfully because Paul Rudd although his part was cameo esque it definitely left me intrigued about his style.

The angle of Spiderman being introduced was finally revealed, as in Tony Stark tracks him down and takes Peter Parker under his wing. Again, Spidey did play a rather small part in a battle, and he did seem very talkative, but his screen time very much made an impact. He played a relatively comedic role, much like Tony Stark.

I’ve always found the Marvel ‘humour’ to be a little awkward and misplaced, again this seemed the case but saying that there were moments where I did chuckle out loud.

What was good for Lee?

The introduction of extended heroes such as Spiderman, Ant Man, Black Panther. All of them impressed.

Vison and Scarlett Witch having some explorative screen time and their morality being explored.

The action, most of which cannot be faulted.

I liked the sides taken by the heroes, such as Falcon siding with Cap’n and Spidey being introduced by Iron Man.

The token Stan Lee cameo (of course right?)

Final Thought

If you are a marvel buff you will enjoy Civil War. All I can really say in terms of problems they will have is fitting everyone relevant into their films. This wasn’t a Captain America film. This was just an extension of the Avengers and a chance to introduce more heroes as well as show Iron Man contemplating his morality with others. In some ways, the story turned a corner just a bit to tell some of Tony Stark’s history. That’s good and bad.

Bad because the running time will increase and the detail will drop. Too many story arcs will just swamp the whole concept of hero movies and could eventually be its downfall. We shall see. I think after the next two part Avengers films that may be their last outing. I’ve been wrong before though. Guess we will see.

My score is 3.5 out 5. With a not bad rating.

What did you think?

With the Hall of information being quiet for too damn long, I plan to blog all the way up to the release of my book this September. So keep your eyes this way inclined. Thanks for reading.