Weekly Ramble #18

You’ve got to face writers block with a smile. Not a happy smile, not an arrogant smile but an assured smile, because we wordsmiths have lived a hundred lives through thousands of words, we’re tougher than that ugly motherfu**er of an unproductive monster licking it’s lips at us.

It’s only a matter of time before we figure out a way around you, a way to destroy you and charge forth with our words. It takes more than courage, sometimes it just takes an unexpected little twist or burst of inspiration. The right song or tv show that influences our influence to find a way forward. Then when we see that path and before we have written it, just the knowing how, that’s where we feel our most powerful as authors, bloggers, writers, whatever word you fall under, the words are all the same, we just arrange them differently.

Redemption comes from completing that next project. We find ourselves during that process, we even expend ourselves getting there. That fire in our hearts, sometimes it can nearly burn out by what ever variable there is, but the constants keeps that fire stoked. I’m nearly ready for 2019, my most important hour is approaching and there are several forks in the road ahead along with uncertainty, all of which is excites me.

I’m going into next year with all my steam created from the fire inside me that is burning stronger than ever, even though weeks before it had nearly burned out. What I have planned will work itself out. Jack Thorn my destiny book, a stage play and even film writing. ABW comes to mind and if you don’t know what that is, look it up, that’s how I define my journey, a highway that we are all travelling on. Writing is a mostly solitary experience but together we must share our methods of how we travel.














Darkest Hour Review

It’s February again, somehow. So I had better write another blog post before my 100 plus followers forget me. Yeah I said 100 plus! There has been an influx of new follows to the site as of recent and I must thank you all for the support, why not stay a while and read my latest movie review…

d hour

It’s 1940, and Great Britain is on the back foot of a crushing European Invasion from Germany. Their forces are in retreat and have been pushed back. Many of the soldiers are pinned down in either Calais or Dunkirk.

Back on British soil, the government is in turmoil. The current Prime Minister and his support is in disarray (quite like today but on a lesser scale). There are calls for a new Prime Minister, and that is where our story begins…

Darkest Hour

I imagine this film will be used in schools for many years to come. It begins much like a documentary as the credits open showing black and white images of war over a silent soundtrack, nobody in the busy cinema made a sound or rustled a bag of M&M’s. Quickly we are taken back to a time full of uncertainty, a time not far from our own.

A raucous crowd of politicians are gathered in London’s Houses of Parliament and call for the current Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (Ronald Pickup) to step down. This is so a coalition government can be formed. We soon find ourselves introduced to the man who gets the job, Winston Churchill via Gary Oldman in what will probably be his finest hour in acting.

Now I’m a 90’s kid, I never knew what Winston Churchill was really like apart from footage of the past, but I can honestly say I believed it was him throughout and not Gary Oldman who brings an assertive but endearing take on one of history’s greatest ever leaders.

We don’t just see him as a leader who can talk the talk, we see Churchill behind closed doors, we see him toiling over speeches not only he writes but with his assistant Elizabeth Layton played by Lily James in a just as convincing role. In fact the whole cast were convincing throughout and delivered a masterclass in not only history, but of those who wrote it.

There were recurring scenes throughout the film as Churchill met with King George IV depicted by Ben Mendelsohn in what is another Oscar worthy shout in this film. It showed their relationship build from the ground up. We saw Churchill battle his own war cabinet, whom he selected himself and yet another great performance comes from the one true king of Westeros Stannis Baratheon; Stephen Dillane (Viscount Halifax).

Darkest Hour is a simple film and a complex film at the same time. It’s a simple nod to history but shows the complexity of how the world achieved peace through sacrifice. It stands as a reminder to not only great leaders but the people on the ground who experienced war first hand. I guarantee you will laugh out loud and be moved emotionally.

There were some fantastic scenes depicting the times of struggle and showing the mood of people on the streets and London underground. What I liked the most was indeed the amount of powerful quotes in this film (below).

My verdict is this film is must see for the history lesson, but you’ll stay for the performances.

King George VI:  How do you manage drinking during the day?

Churchill: Practice.

King George VI: One never knows what’s going to come out of your mouth next. Something that’ll flatter, something that’ll wound.

Winston Churchill: My e-emotions are unbridled. A wildness. In the blood. I share with my father. And my mother also. We lack the gift of temperance.


Churchill: Those who never change their mind never change anything.


Free Facebook Book Giveaway and New Book News!!!

This post is old. I’m impressed that you found it….

Both Darke Blood and Open Evening  were available for free but they are still competitively priced, maybe check them out…

This special  promotion was for the 400 like milestone on my facebook page.

That page and the many loyal likers over the years have been there for me through everything! Thank you to everyone for the support, this has been a wonderful journey with all of those who have joined me since 2012. Old and new, you all rock!

And so as I cruise hopefully soon towards the big Four hundred I have set out to pay that loyalty back.

The details… This Giveaway is closed as of the 12th of July 2017…

The other huge news is….

c house

Yes If you follow me on instagram and of course Facebook you will know that yesterday I crossed another enduring milestone. My next book is officially drafted! Right now all I will say is that yes it is the sequel to Open Evening and it is called CEMETERY HOUSE

Those who have read Open Evening all the way through will know a little something about where the story will go next. This time around instead of introducing a universe I have taken that ball and gone all out into a sprint with it! Hopefully after some extensive work before even taking it to a professional edit, we will have an awesome sequel which carries on the story.

And yes this book is also linked to Darke Blood and will follow into the Darke Blood sequel which is available now and called Darke Awakening! 

That wraps up this weeks news and now I need to lie down. Peace out, don’t text and drive and thank you new/old followers/likers/readers/fans/cats….

Time to write a new book, time for things to change….

Being on holiday can be great, the relaxion, the zero pressure and of course sleep. Don forget the sun and food with lashings of alcohol. Good times with good company. But during that time I thought long and hard about my future in writing and where it is going.

been away

Yesterday I put out the above tweet. It is coming to the point where I am keeping my evolution behind in terms of writing, going over the same book, again and again. Clark Thorn and the Warrior project will very soon be at its best. By that I mean the best I could possibly do. There is nothing more I could do to it.

Yet my campaigns for publication have left without anything to answer for, this is after throwing everything including the kitchen sink at my efforts. Maybe there isn’t a market yet for the type of book I want the world to read, maybe agents wont take the risk on that book with a writer like me. I could sit in a room forever and try to theorise, but that wouldn’t be forward thinking.

My next resort would be to consider self-publication, something I think will explode into a ball of flames. The thorn legacy series spans 6 books, if the first one fails then how the hell will books 2 onwards shine? They wont and they are too precious for me to waste over figuring out how to self publish a book that will sell twenty five copies.

Right now I’m done thinking about those implications. It’s time to try a new tactic. Write something new…

 But before you ask, I have a plan, I always have a plan. Thinking about something has become a profession of mine, before any decision I make, I sleep on it, then sleep on it again.

I have no plan to delete the Thorn legacy from my life, they are my books and they always will be. But to bring something else to the table, a new story, something stand alone and different. Some distance from the sci fi genre, something an agent would want to sell, a story I would have no issue with trying to self-publish.  A book with less attachment and baggage, something I can treat like a job. Write, edit, self publish, done.  Then at least I would have some kind of arrival on the writing scene.

My thoughts are starting to spider web over how this book will work and what will happen. That’s good and it’s creative, my inner conscience wants this to happen. But on the other side of proceedings I have my completed book that is the best it can possibly be. The next few weeks will consist of planning and editing. Clark Thorn will once again get sent out to the masses, hopefully this time I will hit the target, but if not a new book will rise.

What will this book be you ask? A synopsis will arrive soon on either here, FB or land of the tweets. It is something I had a vision of writing some years ago. Yesterday I delved into the hand written archives and took out a 6 or seven page introduction of a story I wrote when I was around 14 or 15. Hopefully the content of it and what I have in my head can carry enough weight to create a decent book. Like always, we can just hope…


You can’t play the same game over and over again, something has to change.