Lock the Door (Clown Conspiracy Book 2): A Short Thriller by Mallory Kelly – Review

The conspiracy of clowns moves into stalker territory…

Lock the Door (Clown Conspiracy Book 2): A Short Thriller by [Kelly, Mallory]

The ‘clown conspiracy’ series moves into even creepier and stalker type heights in what is the second entry to a well written and enjoyable crime thriller series. Detective duo ‘Shirley’ and ‘Carter’ are reeling from their previous clown encounter while they pursue a suspect which brings them closer but also further into the rabbit hole of murderous lurking clowns.

A sense of danger begins to envelope the downtrodden ‘Amelia’ who lives with a not so deserving husband while an old school acquaintance closes in. She never knew this ‘friend’ wanted more and he’s back on the scene to take it. This soon becomes a race against time for crime fighting duo ‘Shirley’ and ‘Carter’ in what is a tale that will keep the readers turning pages.


5 starsĀ 



MIND: Two Short Tales of Horror by E.H Night – Review

Two deep descriptive accounts that play with the imagination…


For two quite short tales E.H Night has proven that sometimes less can be more, especially in this capacity for this is a reading experience that is unique and imaginative. The descriptive and deep style of writing has a way of surrounding the reader while also giving plenty of room for the imagination to run wild. It’s almost like these stories simply suggest what is happening and our imagination’s fill in the rest – this is a form of story I hold in the highest regard.

Although both of these stories are very different they are linked by their sensibility to the environment of the earthy surroundings. I managed to read both in thirty minutes and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different, descriptive and on the darker side.

5 Stars – Reviews via Goodreads and Amazon UKĀ