#Brexit A nation de-vided

Before I delve into what has been a very interesting and somewhat revolutionary bunch of days for UK politics I would just like to say:

It’s OK to be pissed off about a certain way an election/ vote has gone.

Its OK to have an opinion about the UK EU referendum and for either side.

Its OK to debate and voice your opinion just so as long as you are pleasant and nice about it, especially with friends. And above all, its more than ok to make any political situation comical, it’s a way of coping.

I don’t want to use this blog page in a way that throws opinions of politics into disarray or to start any kind of debate, yes your opinion is welcome but the main aim of this page is to grow viewers who will hopefully one day buy my book.

So what happened?

I woke up on Friday morning to see the news of Prime Minister David Cameron resigning. To my shock the British public had voted to leave the European union. Soon enough social media went into over drive. What shocked me the most was the mood of people who didn’t get what they wanted from the referendum vote. Some even resorting to say it was horrific or scary (perhaps a little dramatic).

I must say in nearly every election I have voted in, I haven’t got what I wanted. That’s the case for many many people. Most who aren’t racists or radicals but people who want the best for themselves and the country. Not getting your way is a harsh reality of living in a democracy. A place where you are free to speak about your disdain for whatever result. A place where its OK to be annoyed at a government without fear.

We (the UK) are a civilized bunch (or so we say) but we also love a good moan. In fact it felt like to me nobody on my tweet machine or Facebook actually voted leave. Well someone had to because it was the majority vote.

My opinion (in or out) will remain to myself for now as its no longer relevant. The UK voted out and now we must look on together as a nation, for unity. Again something in which the UK politicians should lead by example, except that’s wrong.

Already several politicians are resigning and leaving their responsibility. Public service is their gig so why don’t they roll up their sleeves and get on with it? If a decision came my way at work that I didn’t like I wouldn’t be taking my ball and going home, I cant afford to. Hence comes my reaction to this vote, not the result itself but the behavior of public figures has been completely and utterly disgraceful.

Yeah I get it Mr Cameron, you wanted in and didn’t get it, you can leave. But everyone else just bailing on their government because of one decision not going their way, come on man. Walking away from something is what you learn not to do as a kid.

Its so ironic that this vote by the people has gone the way the people wanted and for once the sitting pretty politicians have no control of it.

This country needs each other right now, and it’s just seemed to of divided us further. Banks and share values always react like they are and will recover. The world’s perception of us will be as it once was again and things wont feel like they have changed just yet. After all evolution is a change that nobody sees. I’m sure the UK and world will survive, we have left geographically, just politically.

That’s my moan about this whole thing, but what I have appreciated is how politically connected many of my friends are. The vote had a good turn out.

What I loved the most was the political satire and comedy that came from what probably is a serious situation, but you have to be sarcastic first before dealing with it. Below are some social media highlights….

brexit 4


brexit 3

Brexit the movie: A review

Last time out I did make an attempt (although I was less informed) to argue about the whole UK exiting the EU thing. The media have unwillingly called it Brexit and tonight I aim to give you a more concise case about the whole deal.

First of all, no matter what you hear in the media and including the film I am about to review, you will not find an impartial for/against discussion anywhere. Wherever you go there will be an agenda and I no longer want to hear that you can’t find any information for and against. Stop being lazy and go do some research. That means it is your responsibility to do this yourself, by that I mean research the facts and figures. Only under the surface of comparing GDP’s will you grasp the full meaning of this referendum.

This is bigger than any general election and maybe even the biggest political decision anyone in the UK will make. Why? Because every five years if we are not happy with the clown at the helm we can vote otherwise for someone perhaps less clown like.

There’s a film available on YouTube called Brexit the movie, and yes the people behind this have an agenda. As I said you will have to research and decide yourself but the internet age is a wonderful thing when it comes to opinion. Why? Because it’s allowed no matter what.

The whole premise of this well produced factual presentation is to provide the viewer with a little insight as to what the EU actually is and what it actually does (if there is an answer for either). The tone is against the EU but there are some very interesting points made and delivered all the way through via facts and figures.

The EU main offices located in Brussels consist of over 90 buildings, many of which the local people have no idea where the headquarters is. Why is this such a point? Because it sets the trend for things to come. Another fact is simply this:

10,000 people who work for the EU in Brussels are paid more than the British Prime Minister. That is 1 in 5 of their total staff.

An MEP will choose to pay between 8-24% tax.

Soon the argument comes back to the shores of Britain where the fishing industry has been completely shackled by EU regulation and law. For every £1 that comes from the EU in the north east of the uk you have to pay £2.30 back to them in tax. I mean, what? Its not just the fishing industry that are suffering its nearly every type of home grown industry you can think of.

The EU it would seem have done nothing but slap rules and regulations upon everything, hell every time the UK voted against an EU measure, 72 to be precise they were defeated 72 times!

The facts and numbers go on. I could write a gripping Sunday times spread about this if I knew the right people but this movie sends everything home. That is what this is about after all, our home.

I would seem the EU has made so many rules for absolutely anything. An example is the pillow you lay on every night:

5 EU laws cover the pillow case alone and then the pillow itself is governed by 109 laws!

Bread alone has 1246 laws and milk well the cows wont be coming home until they have read the 12,653 laws involved.

This whole regulation this began after WW2. The UK suffered long after with rationing and because of these European restrictions. They held us down whilst the losers of that war (Germany) eventually became the 3rd strongest economy in the world. Why? Because they threw out the regulations and did it their way. It is noted they joined the EU eventually but they were strong enough before.

We can move on now to the corporations, the big guys in business. Now they love the EU, why?  Because most of them are lobbying in the EU for regulations that crush everyone but them. If there’s no market competition because Tesco has taken all the little men down then how is the consumer supposed to benefit.

This also poses a problem on importing. The EU would rather support a local dwindling business that let an outside manufacturer with a far superior product get into the EU market. They’ll slap a tariff, a tax and an overabundance of regulations on this better manufacturer. Who suffers? Us the consumers.

No way am I anti Europe and even this film doesn’t come across that way but they have definitely lifted the lid on this ‘protectionism’ going on and stopping the average joe from getting a good deal.

If we leave the EU wont we need to negotiate trade deals?

This question is just a scare tactic. The EU is already a trade deal, that’s what it is and its a bad one, really bad. Take Switzerland for example, probably the richest country in the world. They have been independent for nearly ever and they are so successful. They do what they want and you don’t need a trade deal like them to trade with other countries. Every country will have a certain level of rules but there is no deal needed.

What I have decided is this: The EU are holding down the development of any economy. Just compare their GDP to any others, even developing countries. Now we are seeing more and more far right parties getting in around the continent and dragging us into it.

We are not ‘rocking the boat’ by leaving, although if you really researched the case for and against the boat got sold off years ago.

For those unsure, do the research and of course watch the film but above all go out on referendum day and vote!


Time to leave Europe?

It’s politics season yet again, well that’s how it feels and in the past few weeks there have been local elections that nobody cared about and of course the European union debate continues on.

By elections that nobody cares about, I mean Sky news did. Even when news is slow they find something to cover, to death. I digress. My agenda for this current blog entry is to discuss that merging of two words that nobody seems to approve of and though gritted teeth we all say Brexit. Like a shitty version of a celebrity marriage, except divorce is very much on the cards.

Soon enough the voting public of the UK will go out to the poles and decide whether or not we should continue to be a part of the European union. Firstly here’s the fact about that, especially as people seem to believe any scare mongering crap they read online.

If you have previously been registered to vote in the UK, you do not have to register to vote for the European vote. If you are unsure then just go to gov.uk and read it for yourself.

Onwards with the main narrative, this weekend just gone we had the Eurovision song contest! Although in recent years the quality of acts has got better and better, even leaving nations like us behind. But also with that quality comes the political undertone that dominates the whole farce. A farce is a fair word to describe the contest which sees Australia (nothing against them but why?) entered for the second time in two consecutive years and a new voting system that even the judges had no clue about thus making it that much clearer to me that the whole thing is probably rigged.

I talk about Eurovision because it reflects to me what ‘Europe’ really think of the UK. Its watched by the people. Well they don’t think of us in all honesty, just look at where we finished. And by Europe, how many of the finalist countries are actually big time players in the EU? Really this contest is the only proper way to see how our mainland neighbours actually perceive us if you take away any quality a song we produce it relies on.

Political undertones if there were any in this contest are normally aimed at Vladimir Putin and the gang. And yes the Ukraine’s entry aimed their message at him. They won. Therefore, confirming the fact that Europe don’t actually know that we are about to consider leaving their ‘club’. I mean to really confirm that we would need a Brexit themed song (imagine that!) to stand up against the Ukraine to really know but I get this feeling the whole ‘please don’t leave us gang’ is actually an illusion. I think Europeans are more worried about what Russia are going to do as opposed to what we might do.

Leaving Europe is a serious consideration and well looking around nobody has given me a decent argument for either case. Stay or leave? Who the frig knows? Do the EU care? Probably not.

Maybe we should just quietly divorce and move on. We have it our way mostly, especially with our much stronger currency. Maybe we should just go old skool like the days of the empire and politely say ‘fu** them!’ Or is that too offensive for the offended police?

Either way if you can vote. Do vote. It’s your duty as a resident of a democratic nation, the right to change through voting is all we sometimes have as voice. Much like Eurovision, if it isn’t rigged. Above all this is just my opinion. What do you think about the UK leaving the EU? Answers on a postcard?