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Supporting others is at the very core of this blog which now boasts a following of over 1000 subscribers. If you are an indie author looking for a platform to showcase a book review, article or even some of your own work then check out the submission guidelines and get in touch via the form below. We would be more than happy to promote you in front of a wide blog audience.

If you’re a freelance writer then we accept all kinds of writing articles also and our rates are very competitive.

Submission Guidelines

The Hall of Information Blog is looking for more indie authors to review indie books or books published by smaller presses. Book reviews are something most authors struggle to find and this is something we believe all authors should do more of. Not only will this support the work you have read and the wider industry but it will also be hugely positive to your own efforts. This blog turned a corner in 2018 when it began reviewing indie books and hasn’t looked back since. If you don’t have a blog or a site to publish a book review on then you’ve come to the right place.

What are we looking for?

Book reviews of any genre as long as the book has been self/indie published or published by a smaller press.

Your review should be 250 words or a little more – we like some meat to our reviews. Try to focus on what you liked and what resonated with you in terms of the story. Consider a review just an extension of a blurb but with a little more focus on the book’s message, that is without giving away spoilers. If you do have a critique please try to keep it positive or at least constructive. We will be less inclined to publish negative reviews.

If you are unsure of where to start then head over to the home page and scroll down to a recent indie book review – we do a lot of them on here. The basic format we use is the ‘Amazon layout’ of a headline followed the main review with the star rating at the end.

An article about all things writing.

The Hall of Information is also open to receiving any type of article about your journey as an author. If it’s something fellow wordsmiths can benefit from then we’re interested. This is quite broad but as long as it informs, inspires or helps in some way then send it over. Do you have a story about your book? What inspired you to write? Questions like this and their answers make for some great content and from experience, talking about your books will sell your books eventually.

An excerpt from your book

Have you got a gripping first page of your published book? Is there a moment that stands out and would be great to use as a showcase for your work? We are more than happy to feature a page or three from your work with links and promotional stuff included.

All submissions should be proofread and free of errors – we’ll give any submissions a final look over anyway.

How will this benefit you?

If we agree to publish your review/article as a guest post on here we will promote you as an author in front of a 1000+ following and to an engaged ever growing Twitter following of over 37,000 + and the same goes for book you’ve reviewed. We’re on a mission to help authors get reviewed and help reviewers promote themselves. We are also happy to include links to near enough anything writing related.

How do I submit?

Get in touch via the form below and send us your review/article by pasting it in the message box. This form will go straight to our inbox. We’ll take a look and then get back to you.

Be sure to include any relevant information such as book title or what your article is about. If you have external links, remember to include how many you plan on having.

Freelancers/Advertising Agencies/P.R Firms/Payment

If you are a representative from an advertising agency or P.R firm we would love to work with you and our rates are very competitive. In terms of subject content – we are open for near enough anything within reason. Please get in touch for a quote or to ask any specific questions.

For posts that include external links, this will involve a cost, so please let us know how many external links will be included. Anything over 3 links will involve a payment.

Guest posts will most likely be featured on Mondays and Fridays as these are normally the best days for views and traffic on this blog.

**** By contacting this blog you may be contacted in the future regarding promotions which you will be able to opt out of.