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Indie Book Reviews –  Closed For Now – July 2020 – Check back soon! 

As an independently published author I know the score when it comes to finding those ever so important reviews, and so with that in mind I review books for fellow wordsmiths, plus as a writer, I kind of like reading and discovering new stuff. 

If you are on the look out for more reviews then please do get in touch via the contact section and do your best to convince me why I should read your book. Have a scroll through some of my blog posts and check out my own books to get an idea of what I could possibly like.

Submission Guidelines

  • If I agree to review your book, I expect to receive a copy for free in exchange for that review (E version would be preferable). Contact me first about your book before sending any material.  * I don’t mind paying to download an e book every now and then… 
  • I am open to reading anything as long as it isn’t graphic erotica and no longer than 100,000 words – unless you can really really convince me otherwise. I will take on a longer book every so often. 
  • I will post my review on Amazon, Goodreads and on this blog.
  • Reading takes time but I will do my best to get through your book in no more than 4 weeks, longer books make take a bit more time. 
  • If you follow this blog and connect with me via other social media (FB/Twitter) I will more likely choose to review your book. Then I can also tag/mention you when that review is complete.

Recent Reviews:

The Good Kill: A Killian Lebon Novel by Kurt Brindley 

The Good Audit by C.P Aiden 

‘Cells’ by Julia Cowan 

The Relic Spell By Jimena I. Novaro – Review

Memories of Mars: a Novella (Custodian Library Archives Book 1) by Colin Yeoman

The Band Director’s Lessons About Life: Volume 1 – 50 Parables on Life’s Performance Cycle by Donald Lee 


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