Five Ways to Get more Book Reviews

Let’s face it. Finding reviews for our books is hard. The struggle is something that unites many of us who have published works out there and I’m semi obsessed with finding solutions to sometimes difficult things so here are five ways to get more book reviews.

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Selling in Quantity

This may sound obvious to some but the more units you sell, the higher chance someone will read and then review. Now there are many inputs to this concept but quantity really is the key to finding more reviews. Just how do you move books in huge quantities?

From my own experience running a free promo or a price reduction will certainly help. My best influx of reviews have come from big-time free promos where digital downloads were in the thousands.

Mentioning your work regularly across social media will also help. I do anything and everything (within reason) on my social media platforms to regularly sell books through presence and the occasional mention and if you really want to sell books, then you’ll eventually figure out a way.

Running my most recent numbers has pointed towards a review for every 100 sales I get. So maybe quantity is the key…

High End Advertising

This brings us nicely to finding some help to tell the world about your book. Paid advertising is pretty easy to find these days online but the very cream of the crop in advertising should lead you to readers who review. Premiere book promotion sites like BookBub boast to have readers who review and so this is a great place to target readers.

Having successfully clinched three BookBub Featured deals over the years, these were the very best value in terms of sales and then reviews. You can find my list of book promotion sites here.

Shouting About it

If there is one thing I can guarantee, it is every week without fail that I mention on Twitter how important reviews are for authors. Important because they help us in so many ways from finding new readers to potentially shaping our future work. The more we shout about it, the more many readers will realise and I will happily admit before being published, reviewing books wasn’t at the top of my priority so reminding readers will help the greater good.

Approach Book Bloggers

There are plenty of bookish bloggers out there looking for their next read and much like me I quite enjoy being approached by authors looking for reviews. If you offer a free digital copy in exchange for a an honest review and as long as your approach them nicely, someone will eventually say yes.

Consider joining a Review Platform

As a tenured book blogger I have my own profile over on Reedsy Discovery which is an awesome review platform that does its best to place books into the hands of reviewers from indie or self published authors. Some of these platforms have a joining fee but they will also put in the effort to pair your book with the best possible reviewer candidate.

And so that’s five ways to get more book reviews. If you have any other methods then do please drop a comment below. Thanks for reading and for more awesome resources, check out my PatreonI‘m giving away digital copies of my paranormal romance this month to all new sign ups.

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Spooky Season Sign-Up Special

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BookBub Featured Deal Results 2022

Well, that was a ride. As the aftermath continues this is my BookBub Featured Deal results in depth and presented with a hope to help a fellow author. This post first premiered on Patreon for my most loyal of followers and if you sign up, you’ll get to access to my most exclusive content before anyone else.

I shall go through the basics and then lay out my results with a hope to explain how I got them for anyone looking to learn something about book promotion. Let us dive in!

The Who’s

Firstly, who am I? Hello, my name is Lee Hall and I’m an indie author from the UK. You’ve probably seen me Tweeting about my author endeavours and my journey of indie publishing 8 books. Over the years I’ve done my best to lay out everything I’ve learned to find some success that I consider myself happy with. My core belief is to pass on my learning to others because it connects me with so many awesome creatives. Plus helping others feels good. This has attracted quite a following over on Twitter and I currently have 35,000+ followers.

So who are BookBub? Well BookBub are the original book promotion website and advertise mostly digital books across the internet to thousands or potentially millions of readers who also review said books – this kind of thing is gold for indie authors who struggle to find readers and then readers who review. Because BB have been around for a while they have become quite effective with finding readers for books. They offer a range of advertising but this post will be covering a Featured Deal that I managed to secure with them for my 6 years young debut novel Open Evening. I have managed to secure two featured deals in previous years for another book. This Featured Deal would be a free promotion, meaning Open Evening would be free to download for two days.

Tip: Free promotions are a great way to get more eyes on your book whilst also attracting others to more books you may have.

The How’s

There’s a lot of talk about the coveted Featured Deal that BookBub offer. Those who haven’t secured one tend to sceptically sway towards the whole ‘is it really worthwhile’ argument and then there’s those who have secured one who call it the ‘Holy Grail’ of book promotions and as a now three time Featured Deal securer, I can say the results I’ve got were life changing but how did I manage to secure even one Featured deal?

Do you need 50+ reviews? Are there any awards or accolades that will help? Will being ‘wide’ give me a better chance? Will BB even take a chance on my unknown self published title?

They are all great and valid questions but from experience, I’ve only really had one major thing that got me three featured deals – the basic anatomy which consists of:

Professional Cover;

Unique or stand-out title;

Enticing Blurb;

Edited (to some extent) Manuscript;

Optional: A decent social media presence.

If your book has these four things then you have a chance at securing a BookBub Featured deal. Anything else, may or may not help but I wouldn’t really know because I’m certain my books were chosen mainly based upon this stuff. Let’s look at that in a practical sense.

The Teleporter has been featured twice and as you can see at a glance it has that basic anatomy. Back when it got chosen for the second time in 2021 it had less than 20 reviews and it was only available via Amazon much like it is today. So the reason I have come to this conclusion is because the basic anatomy is all that I had in my arsenal for a long time. Later on and today my social media presence mainly on Twitter helps things, if BookBub do look at your socials, and they are mainly pleasant or if you conduct yourself well then you’ll probably increase your chances.

A final major factor outside of the anatomy and social media presence is to get yourself a BookBub profile and start using it. The sign up process works much like Goodreads and it is basically a simpler version. Get the ball rolling with it and that will certainly help.

Above all, the best way to secure a BookBub featured deal is to keep applying for one again and again, until they tell you to stop for a month. Then after a month, apply again. Eventually, and like many things in this author world, good things come to those who keep going.


Most comedians, performers and even chefs will tell you the key to good things in their field is timing and securing a BookBub Featured deal at the right time will give your book the best chance of success. This Featured Deal would happen on the 20th of September 2022 – just days after the last book in my Order of the Following series would launch which brings me to a rather big tip:

Rather big tip: If you have a completed series, or a series of books, a BookBub featured deal will put eyes on all books in that series if one of them is featured. If you discount those books in that series, they will sell.

As for me, Open Evening is the first book in that Order of the Following Series meaning as this deal was happening, my timing was couldn’t have been better, for once. Sometimes, just sometimes things align.

Now let us look at the results and the results of any good book promotion can be measured in a number of ways, from units sold, to chart positions but to me, if results are still happening a long time after the promo, then that promo was a big success.

The Results

On the 20th of September 2022 my debut book Open Evening was free and featured by BookBub with the rest of the books in the Order of the Following Series discounted to 99 cents or equivalent. Here are the results:

Day 1 of the free promo, OE was downloaded over 8,000 times with another 1,500 on the next day! With the small promo I ran earlier in the month combined with the Featured deal this pushed the total free downloads to 9,895 across 13 different territories. A fantastic result!

Now let us look at paid sales driven by this promotion.

Every book in the Order of the Following Series sold very well and Darke Apocalypse which was released just days before became my best ever release!

New Records Alert: Total paid sales for the month of September 2022 are the highest I’ve ever seen with 500+ and my paid sales for a single day was also the best ever with 270.

Over 10,000 orders for a single month is huge!

KENP Page Reads so far:

The majority of page reads come in for Open Evening with other books in the Order of the Following Series finding reads also as they are all on Kindle Unlimited.

Chart Movement

So selling hundreds of books across the world is kind of hard to keep track of in terms of chart movement so here’s the basic breakdown of the progress Open Evening made. The higher chart position, the more chance of newer eyes will see your product.

Further Results

Considering this post is just a week or so after the featured deal, the results are still happening. With a flurry of reviews and sales continuing for days. And that is the true mark of a good book promotion, results over time.

Just before the deal ran, Open Evening hit 50 Amazon ratings near enough on the 6th anniversary of its release and that proves my philosophy:

It is never too late for a book to find success, time is your friend. Keep going.

Thank you for reading. And for those considering some book promotion, a BookBub featured deal may be a good choice for you. Some genres are relatively affordable and for this featured deal I paid less than $300. The results are kind of a forever thing and that kind of stuff can’t be bought.

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The Story Wars YouTube Channel has Launched!

The greatest writers from around the world are gathering virtually in front of live audiences to tell true stories from their real lives

And now you can watch/listen to these stories as Story Wars now has a on official YouTube Channel.

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Blurb Reveal: Darke Apocalypse

A purge is coming to Darke Heath and the assembled Order of the Following heroes must fight to survive their final chapter. 

After the awakening of a force unparalleled to anything seen before they will face their biggest and deadliest challenge yet. Forces that were once opposed must align whilst the origins of the Order and legendary founder Hudson’s story is revealed along with the revelations, twists and turns that follow the epic conclusion to the series. 

The darkness stretches way beyond anyone could ever comprehend and not everyone will survive as Blake Malone stands at the forefront of what lies beyond the true darkness. 

Darke Apocalypse arrives this month!

How I Landed my 3rd BookBub Featured Deal

Even though I have always believed in myself, I’m always in a slight state of disbelief when good things actually happen or when something goes as planned. The imposter syndrome will always find a way to creep in but then sometimes good things just align at the exact time. You see, good things arrive exactly when they are supposed to, they are neither late nor early. They arrive always when they are supposed to.

Being a proprietor of never giving up has brought me the best of rewards as a writer and creative online. All of which I firmly believe have pulled together to help me secure the subject of this post; my third BookBub Featured Deal. Hailed as the Holy Grail of Book Promotions in some crowds and I would agree to an extent, the illusive selectors that reside within the inner workings of the original Book Promo site have always been kind to me, no matter how many times they have rejected my efforts, its the times when they say yes that remain memorable and this post is designed to lay out how I secured that third featured deal. It is broken down into headings that I feel relay the most important factors any author needs when trying to secure their own BookBub Featured Deal.


At the heart of all of my efforts as a social media creator and author is consistency. You’ll find it everywhere I go from being ever present on Twitter and growing from 3,000 followers in 2020 to 35,000 very recently to the books I have steadily released over the years. 7 in roughly 6 years with numero 8 dropping in a matter of weeks, its even in the same series as Open Evening – perhaps destiny or just chance or simply because I have positioned myself with consistency this has happened. Even the practicality of bothering BookBub with my submissions for their featured deal is part of why I’ve been selected three times. Every month, pretty much like clockwork I apply for a featured deal with one or several of my books with the ever present hope they would say yes. No matter how many times they don’t, the rewards of what a deal involves are too high for me to forget that monthly ritual of throwing the dice or even the coin into the well.


You can be a success on Twitter; a conversational platform without sharing hard pressed opinion or something that will insight passionate debate because they are the two things that I have avoided for nearly a decade. And that conduct of mine has propelled my efforts in all departments of my online creativity. From book sales and reviews where hardly any point towards my personal conduct – yes there are reviewers out there who will hold authors accountable for their opinions online, I navigate myself through the sometimes troll heavy, always-an-argument-about-to-explode waters of social media with ease, the same can be said for this blog. BookBub may or may not be watching but if your social media content and posting is one hot mess of opinion, clumsy arguing and full of stuff that not even the hardiest of publicist will touch with a several foot long barge pole, then you’ll probably fall at the first hurdle. First and foremost you are your brand, so if you chose to throw it around like the many anonymous troll types who treat their presence as an anonymous avatar or you simply don’t have a care for what you say online, anything you publish or create will suffer for it.


Open Evening is my eldest title. It has seen several changes since the initial release such as the odd edit of typo and all the things that come with being able to amend a book that is live and published – not much has changed within as I personally feel going back to edit a book that has been released for a while kind of cheats the reader out of capturing my writing and imagination at a certain time in my life. This book has been a journeyman work horse for me. It has headed up the most free promos and has simply been there for all the years I have been published. This stuff isn’t an instant success (being an indie author) and finding that success takes time. In that time Open Evening has found reviews that have pushed it towards that apparent golden number of 50 – again is this something BookBub take into account? For the most part I’d like to think so but my super hero comedy The Teleporter was accepted by them twice with less than 20 ratings. Be in this for the duration, release books over time, enjoy the process, learn from it, let it make you a better author and then even when you are several books beyond that release you can still enjoy its success no matter when it arrives.


Just days before this featured deal my 8th book will drop, a book that shares the same series as Open Evening and now a sure fire launch campaign. The truth is, I have been waiting, waiting for the right time to promote this series as the last in the series was going to launch softly with me then figuring out the marketing after. Timing has changed that and it couldn’t more on point.


Even back when this was just sort of a hobby, I always took it seriously. Like when I used to perform in amdram, yes its amateur drama but the audience are still real and the money they paid me was very real and earned by them so therefore my effort was real. Treating this like a business for most parts has pushed me further and further to make business decisions and treat this whole thing like that. Even with the freedom and creativity that is writing a book as an indie, I take that seriously also and give it the highest level of respect. Stephen King and James Patterson are often featured by BookBub and without boasting or at least trying to, so is Lee Hall because he considers himself a writer too.


I am always taking on new information to shape what’s next. Just how does one secure a BookBub featured deal? You can apply all of the above and still possibly be nowhere near or they might say yes tomorrow because this journey is one of self learning and discovery. I can guarantee you will find some level of success if you remain open to learning from what have and have not achieved. This post isn’t the usual guide many will be used to, but I’m having a philosophical moment and those guides are great and all but writer Lee Hall is in the building right now and it is my wiring that has got me to this point.

Your writing can take you far also. Don’t give up.

Open Evening will be Free to download a little later this month through BookBub’s featured deal. Watch this space for more!

You shall find some practical advice on how to secure your own BookBub Featured Deal below. Sign up to my Patreon to listen and access all of my best guides.

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Book Promotion Results – July 2022

The results are here for my latest book promotion efforts and now I am ready to share how it went and who I advertised with. Let us dive in!


With all of my book promotional efforts there’s always a wider plan and motive. So first of all, for the complete beginners, what is a book promo run? Well to me, its a short period of time where I lower the price of a book and advertise it for maximum sales.

Now I don’t advertise my work constantly apart from regular social media posting and my book selling philosophy is to be present on social media to the point where it interests potential readers to first of all engage or follow me and then buy from me. I have 30,000+ following on Twitter that regularly buys my work as long as I stay active.

The plan for this promo run was to set the price for my super hero comedy The Teleporter to free for one day and then raise the price only slightly the next day to 99 cents whilst using advertisers for both of those days. My vision was to get maximum free downloads and then hopefully some paid discounted sales after.

The Results

On the day The Teleporter was free it was downloaded over 1000 times across 9 countries! This is a fantastic number!

And here are the results for the next day with paid sales.

21 paid sales with a few trickling in after is a moderate number. It’s not world beating but good enough for me considering I already potentially have 1000+ new readers. It was also good to see page reads boosted.

Chart Movement

On the day of it being free, The Teleporter hit #1 in the Free Satire Fiction chart over in the US which is great for that little extra visibility.


So for most of my book promo runs I advertise with book promotion websites. They are generally good places to tell hopefully masses of readers about my books. Most book promo sites boast large mailing lists and that’s essentially what I am paying for. You can find a list of book promo sites at the bottom of this post.

Here’s who I used for this promo run.

Day 1 – The Teleporter is Free

Freebooksy Sci Fi Promotion

Book Runes Featured Free Book

Day 2 – The Teleporter is discounted to 99 cents

Fussy Librarian

Just Kindle Books

These 4 advertisers were all paid, check them out for individual pricing.

Concluding Thoughts

Not a bad promo run, in fact I consider anything over a 1000 free downloads to be a massive success. In order to move numbers with book sales its important to consider paying for advertising, although most of my promos run at a loss, the returns I get are reviews, future sales and readers.

Thank you for reading and below you shall find some resources to help with your own promo efforts.

Want to know how I have mastered Twitter and turned it into a book selling machine? Check out my Patreon coaching sessions which lay out book promotion and much more!

A Concise List of Book Promotion Sites

My guide book lays everything out in detail plus there is a whole section dedicated to my many successful book promo runs I have done over the years!