Open Evening & Cemetery House are FREE to download today!

Halloween approaches, the leaves have turned and the temperature has began to recede. While the shadows do their best to cast over everything it’s time to embrace the season and the unexpected because both Open Evening and it’s sequel Cemetery House are free to download today and tomorrow only! (this is a one off deal) 

dfw-lh-3dx2Every published author has that book which broke them into the world of story telling and Open Evening is that for me. It’s a story in which I am immensely proud of and I pretty much got to work on making a sequel for straight after; that was after penning Darke Blood which happens to be set in the same world now known as the ‘Order of the Following’. 

There are going to be more books based on these stories coming soon!

So what are they about? 

Open Evening and Cemetery House are two fast paced reads of the unexpected and survival. They are about so much more than the horror that is on the surface; they highlight the social struggle of growing up along with what it’s really like to go through high school. As much as there is terror and action, they are stories of friendship, coming of age and above all life. Much of the stuff in this book represents the years I spent at school – so it’s real to an extent. 

Its ‘Alien’ meets ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Blade’ all wrapped up in some Halloween spookyness!

A recent review of Open Evening: 

“If you ever found secondary school hard, then you’ll be able to relate to the main character. If you loved Buffy the vampire slayer, then you’ll love this book…”

You can download a copy of Open Evening here for free! 

Cemetery House then picks up literally three weeks after the events Open Evening. High School is over and those who survived have moved into the world of work while something else lurks just underneath the surface. Not only is this a sequel but in this one you get answers and the rabbit hole goes deeper into this world which will then lead into the Darke Blood sequel!

‘CH’ is ‘Jurassic Park’ meets ‘House on Haunted Hill’ while continuing on from Open Evening.

You can download a copy of Cemetery House here for free!

A recent review of Cemetery House: 

“I really enjoyed this follow up to Open evening, gripping story definitely a page turner for me…”


This is probably one of the only times both of these books will be available together for free! 





Fallout 76 – Everything you need to know

Working at night in the UK has it’s advantages especially when big time gaming announcements come from the US. It means I can be up at 01:49am to write my first blog post in what seems like years, so here we go with everything you need to know about Fallout 76 following the E3 press stuff…


It’s going to be a prequel…

Todd Howard of Bethesda personally announced in front of press that Fallout 76 is going to be based before any other fallout game. The premise looks to follow the first people who emerged from the vaults after the bombs dropped…. He also announced that…

It’s going to be 4 times bigger that Fallout 4!

Yes you read that right, the map will be bigger than the last instalment of the franchise. Here we were thinking this might be some crappy little spin off.

Pre-orders begin on June 15

And so by the time 02:30am arrived I tuned in to watch the official Bethesdsa showcase, here are the highlights…

After a bunch of cool future game announcements (including Prey DLC, Wolfenstein, Elder Scrolls Online, Quake and Doom)  Todd Howard hits the stage.

‘Fallout 76 is prequal to all our other games..’ he says. Based in West Virginia it follows those who first emerge into the wasteland. Country roads, take me home…

We see a full trailer showing the world that needs to be rebuilt. Then we are introduced to some game play footage of inside vault 76. The visuals are stunning as the view shows outside the vault to a beautiful looking landscape. There are 6 regions on the map and a bunch of new enemies some of which are folklore sotries of West Virginia.

It’s the story of the first people to leave the vault with a massive difference because fallout 76 is entirely online!

Elaboration from Todd…

  1. It can be played solo.
  2. ‘Every person and character is real.’
  3.  Share the same game with dozens not thousands.

We see some game play which shows optional online co op or going it alone. This game looks incredible. More footage shows the ability to build settlements anywhere with friends.

There are several sights with nuclear missile launching capabilities meaning you can decide where to launch bombs. Codes can be collected together or individually.

A BETA is going to be available that means ‘Break it Early Test Application’

Special edition will involve a map of the world which glows in the dark! Other goodies include a wearable power Armour helmet.

Release date November 14th 2018 

Fallout shelter is coming to PS4 and Nintendo switch and are available now!