The newest release by Lee Hall continues the Order of the Following Series with Darke Awakening. The worlds of Open Evening, Cemetery House and Darke Blood collide in this unpredictable cross over full of darkness and the unexpected!

The Ghost Beside Me; a short paranormal romance about life, love and everything in between.

‘Beautiful & thought-provoking’

‘A short read, but deep and powerful.’

Ghost beside me banner

‘The Teleporter’ is a best selling standalone super hero comedy novella which sticks a middle finger up to the ‘man’. Just who that man is, you’ll have to find out…

The Teleporter promo banner

What are readers saying about The Teleporter:

‘The perfect antidote to the monotony of superhero movies’

‘You will laugh (a lot) and above all, find yourself rooting for the underdog!’

‘A fun book with believable protagonist.’

Alcohol and super powers….what more could you want!!!’


Get yourself some boozy super hero goodness here!

The Order of the Following Series includes 4 titles that are all set in the same world of monsters, vampires and witches…

Open Evening  is the debut novel by Lee Hall which follows the struggle of teenage life in a small town american high school. That is until events turn for the unexpected and everything becomes a fight for survival… 

Open Evening banner

What are readers saying about Open Evening: 

‘Entertaining, engaging; a real page turner.’ 

‘I was hooked

I literally could not put it down. Brilliant!!

The best book I have read this year!

Embrace the unexpected and grab yourself a copy of Open Evening here! 


Set in the same Order of the Following universe as Open Evening and Cemetery House; Darke Blood is a stand alone story about Vampires and Witchcraft with several twists along the way. ‘Vampirism’ and witches have never been seen like this before….

Darke Blood banner with OE and ch

What are readers saying about Darke Blood..

‘Amazing Read!!!!!

‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.’

‘If you were to only read one new vampire book I would recommend Darke Blood.’

A Classic Vampire Caper

Find out what true darkness really is here and grab yourself a copy of Darke Blood!


Cemetery House; the 4th book by Lee Hall is out now. The sequel to Open Evening see’s the survivors of Haddington team up with a man called ‘Twister’ to continue their journey as The Order of the Following begins to unravel…

Cemetery house banner inc oe and db



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