Open Evening is the debut novel by Lee Hall which follows the struggle of teenage life in a small town american high school. That is until events turn for the unexpected and everything becomes a fight for survival…


What are readers saying about Open Evening: 

‘Entertaining, engaging; a real page turner.’ 

‘I was hooked

I literally could not put it down. Brilliant!!

The best book I have read this year!

Embrace the unexpected and grab yourself a copy of Open Evening here! 

‘The Teleporter’ is a standalone super hero comedy novella which sticks a middle finger up to the ‘man’. Just who that man is, you’ll have to find out…

tp 3d

What are readers saying about The Teleporter:

‘The perfect antidote to the monotony of superhero movies’

‘You will laugh (a lot) and above all, find yourself rooting for the underdog!’

‘A fun book with believable protagonist.’

Alcohol and super powers….what more could you want!!!’

A humorously crass story of a drunkard turned superhero.

Get yourself some boozy super hero goodness here!

Cemetery House; the 4th book by Lee Hall is out now. The sequel to Open Evening see’s the survivors of Haddington team up with a man called ‘Twister’ to continue their journey…


Set in the same universe as Open Evening and Cemetery House; Darke Blood is a story about Vampires and Witchcraft with several twists along the way. ‘Vampirism’ and witches have never been seen like this before….dfw-lh-db-cover-3d

What are readers saying about Darke Blood..

‘Amazing Read!!!!!

‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.’

‘If you were to only read one new vampire book I would recommend Darke Blood.’

‘A Classic Vampire Caper

Find out what true darkness really is here and grab yourself a copy of Darke Blood!

Beauty and the Beast is a pantomime play adaptation written by Lee Hall for the Iver Heath Drama Club


Performed in January and February of 2019, in front of 600+ people this brand of super-pantomime was a critical and commercial success for the non profit community drama club.

The script will shortly be published and available to buy and perform via a new Iver Heath Drama Club Script Store.

Hotel dOOM’ is a one act murder mystery play written and directed by Lee Hall for the Iver Heath Drama Club.

Thunder claps and lightning strikes as private investigator Johnson Jefferies and his quick thinking assistant Maestro Mateo are called to investigate a theft. The curious case of the missing ruby necklace. Events soon takes a turn for the worse when things start to get a little murdery.


There are laughs throughout as the case unravels and the investigators a joined by an ensemble of sometimes suspicious, sometimes cliche and sometimes cross dressing characters guaranteed to give anyone a sense of humour. From hiding in the cupboard to groaning in the basement the comedy will get you in one way or another.

The play was first performed over two nights of two one act plays, the other being ‘Comest Dine with me’ for the Iver Heath drama club with record attendance figures.

Very soon the script will be available to buy and use for performance. Check back soon and for now check out some of the photos below of the performance.

(Photos Taken by PJ Gathergood and Poster art work by Aidan Parr)





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