About Lee Hall

el director

Lee Hall has spent many years reading, writing, blogging and performing. The fruits of such are multiple indie published books crossing several genres and of course a loyal following. From occult thrillers with monsters, witches and vampires that eventually became known as the ‘Order of the Following Series’ to paranormal romance and even the tale of a drunken superhero looking for justice. All of his works carry a deeper meaning that tribute the events from real life, just with the names, places and details changed enough to avoid libel. 

After spending many years on stage Lee is also resident playwright for his local drama club and has written five full length pantomime adaptations – his fresh take on the British stage tradition has been seen by hundreds of happy audience members and has even been performed by other drama societies. 

Over the years thousands of readers have downloaded Lee’s works which you’ll find being promoted through an active social media presence but he prefers to talk about fellow authors works through reviews on this Hall of Information blog. You’ll also find an abundance of guides and tutorials from book marketing to blogging advice that is regularly viewed by many followers. Helping others has become a calling in recent times for Lee and he has even started a Patreon where many more future guides will be published.  

His writing draws influence from Michael Crichton, Stephen King and Arthur Conan Doyle along with the many immersive television shows he’s a fan of from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Stranger Things.

“The hardest thing about being an Indie author is letting the world know your book exists…the best thing is convincing the world one person at a time this is your dream…”

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