About Lee Hall

Lee Hall is a UK based independently published author, actor, technician and occasional cosplayer who lives in Oxfordshire. 

el director“As far back as aged 12, I started writing stories. I remember around then reading the Lost world by Arthur Conan Doyle and being entirely immersed into another world. It is with that in mind I realized my dream. That was to make my own worlds and try my best to immerse readers intothem.”

“The hardest thing about being an ‘Indie author’ is letting the world know your book exists…”

By day Lee works in electrical engineering for a science facility in Oxfordshire.

Most evenings he spends with laptop in tow penning the various trials and tribulations of the characters or worlds he is proud of creating. Or you can catch him learning lines for the next part he will be depicting for Iver heath drama club. Previous parts include Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Robin Hood and Long John Silver (above) for the 2018 Pantomine. In 2016 Lee directed and wrote his own play Hotel dOOM. The first original play written in the club’s 70 year history.

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