About Lee Hall

Lee Hall is a UK based Indie author, playwright and award nominated blogger. His works include ‘Open Evening’, ‘Darke Blood’ the Teleporter’ and ‘Cemetery House’. 

el director“As far back as aged 12, I started writing stories. I remember around then reading the Lost world by Arthur Conan Doyle and being entirely immersed into another world. It is with that in mind I realized my dream. That was to make my own worlds and try my best to immerse readers into them.”

“The hardest thing about being an ‘Indie author’ is letting the world know your book exists…”


Over the years Lee’s writing has taken inspiration from many places. This includes the work of other novelists such as Michael Crichton and Stephen King. He is also a fan of immersive television and cinema along with music, some of his interests and influences  that shaped his writing can be seen below.

Lee is a huge supporter of fellow indie authors and bloggers. 












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