Weekly Ramble #170

Even after all of my time, effort and success on social media it is just social media to me. Recent times and events on the platforms serve as a reminder that it might not be worth all of our time or even effort sometimes. Now it is kind of rich coming from me as a partial addict but even I take a step back every now and then. I do all of this for the writing and my love for stories, that is something I shall never forget.

Saying that, a huge part of my journey is the wonderful people I’ve connected with over the years and they are the reason I return each time.

As for those embroiled in the judgemental partial debate about a blue tick, it is just that, a blue tick and yes there are those out there of the troll persuasion pushing limits – something the little person (me) has no real sway in. It might be the best and worst thing mankind will be known for but social media is here to stay and the antics of one billionaire will probably continue. My advice: endure and roll your eyes occasionally at the circus it has become.

Whether you are an artist, observer or even contrarian – social media is for all and so these times will effect everyone who uses it. But the good times come and so do the bad, but they also pass eventually.

Speaking of which, this too shall pass.

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