Awesome Recommended Indie Reads #11

The road to reviewing indie books continues and so here are some of my recent reads, all of which I recommend and were awesome!

‘The Insatiable Hunger of Trees’ by Samantha Eaton

‘I’ve done something unforgivable, and it followed me here…’

Full Review

‘NO ROAD HOME Book One: Echoes’ by John Prescott

A quick-to-read and fun post-apocalyptic action adventure...

Full Review

‘The Guard of Woestynn’ by E.M. McConnell

Unique, descriptive and original

Full Review

‘Catching Up’ by Mary Lay

Wonderfully written tale of life and adventure in the 1920’s

Full Review

‘The Re-Emergence: An Augment Saga Novella’ by Alan K. Dell

Well-written imaginative and original space sci-fi

Full Review

‘The White’ by Matt Micheli

The uninvited and unwelcomed turns in to the unexpected as a blizzard brings much more than the cold…

Full Review

And so that wraps up another edition of awesome recommended indie reads, thanks for stopping by! Peace out, rock and roll and reading!

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