‘Catching Up’ by Mary Lay – Review

Wonderfully written tale of life and adventure in the 1920’s

After the shadows of grief and war are cast over ‘Caroline’s’ life and family she eventually finds a way to move forward and ‘catch up’ in this adventurous life tale.

Set in 1920’s England, Mary Lay does a fantastic job in presenting a story that takes readers back while also being written in a style that immersed me in the various trials, adventures and experiences shared in this story. With youth and life on her side, ‘Caroline’ is given a kind of challenge by her father to go an explore beyond the comfort of her quiet home life and try to move forward but there is a slight catch. The allowance she is given must be earned back in that time. What ensues is charming and sometimes heart-warming story of society, exploration, work and travel that embodies the 20’s but with a modern easy to read feel.

From taking various opportunities of employment to visiting old school friends and travelling by train – a visual element captured well by the striking book cover, the tone is perfect for the adventure of discovery our main character embarks upon. She meets new acquaintances along the way and finds her place with opportunity and in society. Its enjoyable to very end which is left open for more keepsakes to be collected by Caroline – something I’d definitely be open to exploring in the near future.

‘It was not an immediate future that Caroline intended for herself; she had far too much of the world to explore…’

5 Stars

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