Weekly Ramble #168

Indie April 2023 is here and I am proud to see many already celebrating on social media. Whether you’re a reader, writer or any other type of creative – that creativity driven by independence is something worth celebrating and shouting about.

My success as an author, blogger and creative has been largely driven by the inspiration indie books have given me over the years and as a writer who proudly writes, I need those books to guide the way. Reviewing them is just a small slice of the cake because they have also given me vital blog content when the creative well was perhaps running dry.

This month you can expect me to be sharing plenty of reviews for indie books I have published over the years, since 2018 I have been actively reviewing some fantastic books by some equally wonderful creatives. Today the total is near to 200 and embracing fellow authors as an author myself has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – from finding books to read to authors then finding me to just knowing there are others out there like me. This world has more than enough room for all type of creatives to find success and Indie April is a staple of that.

To those who have supported indie creatives, I salute you. Have an awesome indie April!

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