‘Split Personality’ by David Noë – Review  

Assassin’s linked by their minds seeking redemption through the ChaosNova Universe

The space sci-fi ChaosNova Universe is back and this time tells the tale of two ‘Reclaimers’ who are uniquely linked by their minds and find themselves on a journey.

‘Luna’ and ‘Rogue’ and two very different characters who are banded together in the universe and work as assassins but their latest mission takes them on another path – from being set up to hitching a ride to then eventually being incarcerated but given an option for redemption. Their punishment becomes a mission and their freedom is at stake. An original concept and focus in the story is how these two characters communicate telepathically and it is delivered in a unique way. They use this communication method to talk, fight, get in/out of the occasional bit of trouble and eventually succeed.

Combined with the high end space sci-fi universe already established in ChaosNova universe it makes for an action laced space story with a difference. There is some great description and sequences in this story that is perfect for anyone who enjoys space sci-fi.

‘Rogue strode along the corridor, her movements rendered staccato by the strobing light, like a series of still images strung together…’

4 Stars

Weekly Ramble #170

Even after all of my time, effort and success on social media it is just social media to me. Recent times and events on the platforms serve as a reminder that it might not be worth all of our time or even effort sometimes. Now it is kind of rich coming from me as a partial addict but even I take a step back every now and then. I do all of this for the writing and my love for stories, that is something I shall never forget.

Saying that, a huge part of my journey is the wonderful people I’ve connected with over the years and they are the reason I return each time.

As for those embroiled in the judgemental partial debate about a blue tick, it is just that, a blue tick and yes there are those out there of the troll persuasion pushing limits – something the little person (me) has no real sway in. It might be the best and worst thing mankind will be known for but social media is here to stay and the antics of one billionaire will probably continue. My advice: endure and roll your eyes occasionally at the circus it has become.

Whether you are an artist, observer or even contrarian – social media is for all and so these times will effect everyone who uses it. But the good times come and so do the bad, but they also pass eventually.

Speaking of which, this too shall pass.

Awesome Recommended Indie Reads #11

The road to reviewing indie books continues and so here are some of my recent reads, all of which I recommend and were awesome!

‘The Insatiable Hunger of Trees’ by Samantha Eaton

‘I’ve done something unforgivable, and it followed me here…’

Full Review

‘NO ROAD HOME Book One: Echoes’ by John Prescott

A quick-to-read and fun post-apocalyptic action adventure...

Full Review

‘The Guard of Woestynn’ by E.M. McConnell

Unique, descriptive and original

Full Review

‘Catching Up’ by Mary Lay

Wonderfully written tale of life and adventure in the 1920’s

Full Review

‘The Re-Emergence: An Augment Saga Novella’ by Alan K. Dell

Well-written imaginative and original space sci-fi

Full Review

‘The White’ by Matt Micheli

The uninvited and unwelcomed turns in to the unexpected as a blizzard brings much more than the cold…

Full Review

And so that wraps up another edition of awesome recommended indie reads, thanks for stopping by! Peace out, rock and roll and reading!

‘The White’ by Matt Micheli – Review

The uninvited and unwelcomed turns in to the unexpected as a blizzard brings much more than the cold…

In Texas, blizzards and arctic storms don’t happen often leaving ‘Dan’ and his family unexpectedly caught up in much more than just weather related problems because the estranged Mother unexpectedly arrives and throws a social spanner in the works. Tension begins to boil but the temperature outside plummets in what becomes a crazy but fun and even brutal affair that I did not expect to go to the places it did, but it was very enjoyable.

Family dynamics and history can be complex sometimes and when ‘Margo’ unexpectedly turns up to see her granddaughter on the eve of an artic level storm, it sets the household on a gradual but declining social path of bitterness and resentment. ‘Margo’ or the ‘Ice Queen’ as she is known is the instigator of most social related problems in this short story packed with so much tension and atmosphere.

‘Bad things always seemed to follow Margo, also known in this house as The Ice Queen, misery and destruction never more than an arm’s length away…’

She’s behind with the times and doesn’t really approve of much – the perhaps vessel towards tensions moving to the murderous but something else, a presence or atmosphere is lurking and when the snow does fall and leaves everyone stranded, it gradually makes itself known.

As the family dysfunctionality explodes inside, ‘Dan’ and his daughter’s boyfriend must venture out into the bitterness of icy conditions to find vital supplies from their next door neighbour and this when the real twists begin. Although brutal and even confusing at first, Matt Micheli leaves us with everything explained and with a story that combines claustrophobic/stranded or even cabin fever themes of being stuck in a storm beside the tense family hating each other dynamic and that all important unexpected twist. Sometimes it makes you wish you’d stayed inside.

4 Stars – The Review first premiered via Reedsy Discovery

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‘The Re-Emergence: An Augment Saga Novella’ by Alan K. Dell – Review

Well-written imaginative and original space sci-fi

Alan K. Dell presents a well-written imaginative and original space sci-fi novella that follows a ship navigated by an intelligent bird-like race known as the Phori.

After this ship, known as the ‘Qesh’Kal’ intercepts a probe from an old satellite network the crew come to realise one particular satellite is self-aware and has even evolved. ‘Satellite 17’ becomes a personality on the ship and even begins to bother the crew by occasionally interfering while also exploring the concept of ‘Synthetic Evolution’. Ultimately, ‘Sev’ becomes a vital part of the ship and even helps during a potential siege from ‘Ancient Wanderers’.

With some wonderful description and plenty of new terminology for the genre (the glossary makes a fun addition) any fan of space sci-fi or action will enjoy this one and it certainly immersed me. I’d definitely be interested in reading the further books set in this universe.

A nervous anticipation hung in the hallway, the only sounds being the occasional cough or shuffle of clothing. An oppressive darkness replaced the corridor’s usual warmth…’

5 Stars

Weekly Ramble #169

Serious results in any creative endeavour is fostered by taking it seriously. There are so many factors as to why one can find success with their creativity but above all, attitude is everything.

To be able to constantly learn from something while participating in it has been the driving factor for me in so many different corners of my online activities and for social media. From showing up daily to reflecting how that has benefitted my growth over time to the all important recording of what works in my mind. We take the good we can learn from and continue forth, much like when it comes to writing and then editing a book – just one more edit is the mindset and at the forefront of a writer constantly improving – to me this a good sign.

Patience is a solid joint first place when it comes to pursuing creative endeavours successfully because you could do everything you can to feel like you should be getting good results but instead you face zeros – patience will serve anyone in that situation well and in the meantime keep building, keep learning and keep going – that’s all I have ever done. Evolution really is a change that cannot be seen instantly but over time and with patience and the right attitude, you’ll get there.

‘Catching Up’ by Mary Lay – Review

Wonderfully written tale of life and adventure in the 1920’s

After the shadows of grief and war are cast over ‘Caroline’s’ life and family she eventually finds a way to move forward and ‘catch up’ in this adventurous life tale.

Set in 1920’s England, Mary Lay does a fantastic job in presenting a story that takes readers back while also being written in a style that immersed me in the various trials, adventures and experiences shared in this story. With youth and life on her side, ‘Caroline’ is given a kind of challenge by her father to go an explore beyond the comfort of her quiet home life and try to move forward but there is a slight catch. The allowance she is given must be earned back in that time. What ensues is charming and sometimes heart-warming story of society, exploration, work and travel that embodies the 20’s but with a modern easy to read feel.

From taking various opportunities of employment to visiting old school friends and travelling by train – a visual element captured well by the striking book cover, the tone is perfect for the adventure of discovery our main character embarks upon. She meets new acquaintances along the way and finds her place with opportunity and in society. Its enjoyable to very end which is left open for more keepsakes to be collected by Caroline – something I’d definitely be open to exploring in the near future.

‘It was not an immediate future that Caroline intended for herself; she had far too much of the world to explore…’

5 Stars

Discounted Today: The Order of the Following Series

For today only, every book in my thrilling Order of the Following Series is discounted in digital. From fast-paced high school horror debut Open Evening all the way to the series culmination and newest release Darke Apocalypse.

The occult can take many forms. From mind hive monsters that live on the fringes of small towns to the remnants of those who hunt and take them down. In between you’ll find vampires, witches and of course the good guys who eventually band together to fight the darkness. This is the Order of the Following, an immersive, thrilling and action packed roller coaster spread over five stories or a pentagram of events…

Remember, if you grab a discounted copy and read it, please leave a review! Happy reading!

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A Talk About Book Reviews

I think the majority of us published folk can agree that finding book reviews or any type of constructive feedback for our works is incredibly difficult. As a proud indie author of several books and having spent many years in the social media author arena I’ve got some experience in all things book reviews. From how to get more, to the good, the bad and of course the ugly. There are a stack of inputs when it comes to book reviews and so this talk is dedicated to that subject.

You can listen to the full talk here.

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