10 Years on Twitter: A Reflection

10 years ago I started my Twitter journey. Back then, I’d only really dreamed of having the numbers I have now as well as so many other cool things.

Join Twitter, build a following and share your writing with them…’

That statement is the narrow version of advice I found at the time and well, nothing worthwhile in this life is really simple or easy.

The truth is, I spent many years on Twitter not really knowing what I was doing or what I needed to do in order to reach people and grow. Everyone’s Twitter experience is unique to them and perhaps that’s what makes it special. You get back what you put in and social media is still quite a new concept viewed by many in a negative light but as someone who has spent an extended time on Twitter, good things can be found. That void you find yourself shouting into does eventually answer back because I am proof of that concept. In 2020 my following had crept to a moderate 3,000 or so followers. A year later it was 20,000 and during that time something happened, not just in the world but in my world because all I did was spend more time on the platform and with every tweet or interaction I learned. In my mind I marked what worked and what didn’t time and time again. Eventually and after that time, the needle began to turn and then eventually bend in my favor. People, good people began to notice me simply because I worked on my presence and what those people responded to.

Conversational tact and manners are all anyone needs to succeed on Twitter. You don’t need a gimmick or an act, you just need to be genuine and I say that from experience because for all the things social media is viewed as, most people look to it for an escape or to find others who are like them and if you do conduct yourself in a pleasant way, good things will eventually happen.

I couldn’t possibly sum up all of my experience on Twitter in just a blog post and those who do know me will also be aware of my many resources that delve deep into the intricacies of how to find success on the platform. While that success may be in the eye of the beholder, through my time on Twitter I have learned to reach people, keep people interested and even persuade them to buy my books and invest in me.

Of course I have returned that with my own support and as long as you can appear genuine in a sometimes volatile world online, you cannot be beaten. Supporting others is important to me and always will be.

You can find my best Twitter resources here.

3 thoughts on “10 Years on Twitter: A Reflection

  1. I can honestly say – after 11 or so years on Twitter – I have no idea what I am doing. And I have come to peace with that.

    I’m not trying to sell anymore – I realised no ago Twitter is not a platform for selling stuff, without a significant financial investment.

    I’m not trying to promote my writing anymore. No matter how many (or how few) hashtags I incorporate into a Tweet, I haven’t seen any great uptick in engagement.

    I still share my writing through tweets and I still promote my book links but I expect nothing from them. My only goal with Twitter now is to be – as you have said – a genuine presence. I have a few regulars I interact with & I get a lot from those interactions. If I attract a new presence who is interested in me and we click, all well and good. But it isn’t essential for me.

    Algorithmic social media will not elevate me or my content. It thrives on outrage. It relies on trends, on keywords and I just can’t be bothered trying to adapt to those.

    Organic social media that doesn’t function on an algorithm – for example Mastodon or even here (??) at WordPress – is the future I think. It might be a little messy but if you want to curate good people and have good conversations, it is achievable.

    You’ve given me food for thought.


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