Every Book I have read in 2022 Pt2

Welcome to Part 2 of every book I have read in 2022. Let us dive in…

‘A Stranger From the Storm’ by William Burton McCormick

Brilliant fun – a historical mystery with plenty of atmosphere

5 Stars – Full Review

‘Witch in the Lighthouse’ by Azalea Forrest

A quaint and fun magical tale…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘The View From Here’ by Leon Stevens

An exploration themed sci-fi novella not of this world…

4 Stars – Full Review

‘The Caverns’ by Olen Crowe

In The Caverns an ancient evil lurks…

4 Stars – Full Review

‘Red on White’ by J.P Biddlecome

‘The Wolves came, rising from the waves…’

4 Stars – Full Review

The Perfect Athlete’ by Olivier Doleuze

The Perfect overview and resource for the fit and healthy conscious…

4 Stars – Full Review

‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’ by Dave Grohl

A masterful collection of wonderful and powerful tales…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘SurReality’ by Matt Doyle

‘Everything that happens in SurReality is entirely real’

5 Stars – Full Review

‘The Mermaid From My Nightmare’ by Kristina Gallo

A thrilling and twisting tale with so much beneath the surface…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘Pearl Fields and the Oregon Meltdown’ by Drew Faraday

A unique and immersive vision of survival and life during apocalyptic times…

4 Stars – Full Review

‘The Liar, The Bitch and The Warmonger’ by Morton R Leader

A family affair with darker edges

4 Stars – Full Review

‘House of Tigers’ by William Burton McCormick

‘We’re innocent lambs in a house of hungry tigers…’

5 Stars – Full Review

‘The Watchmaker: A clock can talk’ by Ellen Khodakivska

An enchanting tale of life, destiny and time…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘Of Swans and Stars; Finding my own North Star, one poem at a time’ by E.M. McConnell

A uniquely emotive and descriptive collection of poetry…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘Love’s Ragged Claws’ by Gary Gautier

A short read with plenty of literary depth…

4 Stars – Full Review

‘They Lie Here’ by N.S. Ford

Thrilling and unputdownable with unique themes…

5 Stars – Full Review

‘The Man and The Crow’ by Rebecca Crunden

A short sharp enjoyable tale of magic and the unexpected

5 Stars – Full Review

‘Sex, Violence, Mars: The Ballad of Left and Right’ by Walrus

Sex, Violence, Mars is back and just as entertaining as the first encounter

4 Stars – Full Review

‘Eileen’s Promise’ by Matthew Villeneuve

A space sci-fi tale of one salvager and his thoughts which are uniquely alive…

4 Stars – Full Review

And so that wraps up part 2 of every book I have read in 2022. To all of the authors who have shaped my reading this year, thank you!

Peace out, rock and roll and reading!

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