‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’ by Dave Grohl – Review

A masterful collection of wonderful and powerful tales…

Dave Grohl has put together a fantastic collection of life stories told through the eyes of a son, musician, family man, kid and band member that has graduated life with honours. From his humble beginnings of using just pillows as make shift drums to the grand heights of playing in two of the world’s biggest rock bands all the way to his heart-warming relationship with a mother who did so much to shape him and of course his three daughters.

This book is a gem and told in a kind of unique way – each chapter is basically a series of stories or moments that then have stories within them. I found myself immersed in every one and whisked away on this awesome journey Grohl has embarked over a life of so many cool things. There really is a lot of good stuff here and it is told with a style that is grounded much like the man seems in real life, like us he is just a fan of this stuff too and through some cool decisions and a lot of hard work he made it to the top of rock and roll – to me anyway and those who are a fan of emerging punk rock music to simply just creativity will find something inspiring within.

“Courage is a defining factor in the life of any artist. The courage to bare your innermost feelings, to reveal your true voice, or to stand in front of an audience and lay it out there for the world to see…”

Every experience is captured by Grohl who becomes the storyteller in this labour of love for a life he has led. Whether it is as the struggling musician between places and living in a van to even his friendship with a Beatle or his Foo Fighters band mates. I found myself not wanting to put down the book after each chapter which begins with symbolism and ends that way also. There are plethora of fantastic quotes I would love to include but I’d also like to leave them out just so any prospective reader can experience them for themselves.

5 Stars