‘An English Teacher in Mexico: Memories of a Midlife Career Change’ by Irene Pylypec – Review

A fun and insightful well-written account of adventure and culture…

After turning 50, Irene Pylypec decides to embark on a adventure to Mexico from Canada. The writing style is immediately inviting and delivers a fantastic insight into what its like to take the plunge into the unknown of travelling to a far away place to pursue the ambition of teaching English.

Having read Pylypec’s previous memoir about her travels to London this account carries a different flavour that really homes in on the experience side of what its like to be in Mexico from the living arrangements to the food, places, people, traditions and even the pace that is so different. I particularly enjoyed learning about the different holidays and family orientated culture that Irene found herself apart of in what sounds like a wonderful place to visit with some great hosts.

For anyone looking to enjoy a memoir that serves as fun escapism whilst learning about Mexican culture, this book is certainly the one for you!

5 Stars – Reviews left via Amazon and Goodreads