Indie Book Rec’s : Space Sci-Fi

In celebration of #indieApril over on Twitter and because there are some wonderful indie books out there, I’ve put together a series of posts recommending some awesome works I have read over the years.

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite genres, Space Sci-fi and here are some books I highly recommend!

‘Escaping First Contact’ by T.S. Beier

Original and imaginative space sci-fi full of depth and immersion…’

Full Review

Dust & Lightning’ by Rebecca Crunden

Page-turning sci-fi action with a revolutionary theme…

Full Review

‘Moon-Sitting’ by E.M. Harding

An original and well-paced character driven sci-fi with a difference…

Full Review

51940090. sx318 sy475

‘Lords of Mars’ by Colin Yeoman

Gripping high end space fiction about the politics of humanity, civilisation and revolution…

Full Review

‘Demonspawn’ by Christina Engela

In space, not all things were certain… not even death’

Full Review

Black Sunrise’ by Christina Engela 

A fun and enjoyable quirky multi-character story that carries an important message…

Full Review

Quantum Series #1 - Black Sunrise 2019 - front

Sex, Violence, Mars’ by Walrus

A short but fun sci-fi story with great world building, action and some laughs…

Full Review

Kau D’varza: A story in the ChaosNova Universe’ by David Noë

Engaging and immersive high end sci-fi that follows multiple characters along with their antics of journeying through space

Full Review

kau d'varza.PNG

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to use #indieApril over on Twitter to show your support for indie authors and their awesome works!

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