‘Nevada Noir : A Trilogy of Short Stories’ by David Arrowsmith – Review

A brief but deeply descriptive brush with the dark…

Deep description and pace take centre stage in these three interconnected tales that act like a brief encounter of the dark and enjoyable kind. Shorter stories and books don’t get nearly enough credit and this one certainly deserves it for the small amount of time you spend, you get the maximum experience.

Balance is the key word here as each story is atmospheric and vivid in equal parts where life, death, greed, crime and the many elements of human nature are represented in that unique noir style. There’s intrigue everywhere as these tales are set in the moment but stir the imagination for where the characters came from and where they will ultimately end up. For someone looking to be whisked away for a few hours this is the book for you. Having been recommended this from the vibrant and supportive writing community on Twitter I’m glad to have discovered ‘Nevada Noir’ and I’ll be sure to look out for more works by David Arrowsmith.

4 Stars – Thank you to the Twitter writing community for the recommendation.

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