‘Born in Stockport – Grew up in the Royal Navy: Book One’ by Maurice Perkins – Review

An entertaining and gritty series of real life tales told with charm…

Maurice Perkins delivers a memoir that is full of charm, fun and tales of experience that covers the years of his childhood to being a young man in the royal navy. Each chapter is full of fun encounters relayed in a way that confides in the reader as if you were sitting opposite Mr Perkins while he shares them; from a youth spent being a ‘scallywag’ getting into all kinds of trouble to finding success in the Royal Navy – his journey is both inspiring and full of lessons that are valuable for anyone. The terminology is fun and many of the Navy cantered stories are insightful while also being entertaining.

Of course much of these recollections are of a time gone by like the many scraps he’s had which are highlighted with a dusting of humour and just the right amount grit. Not once did I feel like there was a dull moment and the many tales flow into one another well which keeps pages turning in what is a fun journey and only part one. I’ll definitely be reading the next part soon.

4 Stars – Fun, gritty and a journey full of charm.

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