Binge-worthy Netflix Documentaries

The truth is, I watch a lot of documentaries. And Netflix seems to be churning them out these days. Most of us are still staying in mostly so now is the perfect time to spend an evening engrossed in true life stories of crime and even murder. Here’s what I’ve been binging recently…

‘Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer’

Apart from being truly terrifying, the ‘Night Stalker’ is an engrossing and ultimately chilling story of one police force and their race against time to find a murderer, burglar, kidnapper and rapist who will just not stop. While I would love to spill the beans on the who and what, I’ll leave the spoilers to one side because this account that features interviews, archive footage and of course re-enactments that place you in the San Francisco Bay area during the mid 80’s. You’ll live through the ups and downs of an investigation campaign that was hampered by politics and press.

‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’

If you like more tangents than high school trigonometry then this is the documentary for you! This one focuses eventually on the shady past and present of a downtown Los Angeles hotel while also trying to get to the bottom of one woman’s disappearance and then resulting investigation that goes into it. There’s a bigger picture based on the impact of do it yourself investigators online basically interfering and figuring stuff out for themselves. It’s not a smooth watch as I said it goes off on various random tangents to fill time seemingly. This all could have been done in an hour max – but saying that I still binged it in one sitting. I didn’t like the former manager either.

‘Challenger: The Final Flight’

What does NASA stand for? Not A Straight Answer… truthfully space travel captivates me and this doc I zipped through in one sitting. Here we see the story of the fateful Challenger disaster where a crew of astronauts, some civilian, killed in what probably could have been avoided. The production value is through the roof (just watch the intro) along with the effort to tell a story that will probably make you a little angry and thinking NASA are probably dirtbags. It’s worth a look.

‘Murder Among the Mormons’

Ah the state of Utah, home of the church of the latter day saints – that’s Mormons to the less knowledgeable and this very recently released documentary is kind of about them while also being about someone who ultimately exploited them. That’s all the spoiler I can muster but after some high stakes exploits and even some bombing, you’ll be surprised at who was behind it all in what I perceived as a genius but wholly evil attempt at trying to make money. The interviews are the true gem in this one as their accounts take you back to the 80’s and tell all in a series I watched all in a sitting. It’s only 3 parts so don’t sweat it and I thought it was worth a look!

Well that wraps up my recent watches on Netflix, what have you been binging recently?

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