Weekly Writing Inspiration #27

We’re back for some more fun and frolics with memes… this week there’s even some more authory goodness. Lets dive in…

Now kids, 30 was good to me, it still is…

Anyone able to carry on in these circumstances, I salute you!

Ha, run!

That’s one hell of a set up…

What a timely deal…

As a writer my ability to tear one a new asshole with words is strong…

Wholesome Author things of the week…

So yeah, Bookbub have agreed to feature the Teleporter (Feb 6th) for one day only and internationally this time including the US market. This is fu**ing huge. You’ll hear more about such things soon! Awesome job to those following me, buying my work and reviewing it – all of that helps big time!

But wait there’s more…

Earlier that day we got this wonderful review for The Ghost Beside Me. Things are looking up!

And we shall finish with a little nostalgia. Going out used to be a thing, now I’m inside all the time… Stay safe and thanks for scrolling folks!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Inspiration #27

  1. I hate to see what happens if that dude drops a buggar in his fish tank desk. And, BTW congrats on the Bookbub deal. Can’t wait to see your results in which I hope are excellent and gratuitous toward your ever evolving success. đŸ¤ 

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