Weekly Writing Inspiration #20

How many Mondays are there in the month that never ends? Nearly as many memes as you’ll find ahead. There’s actual inspirational things this time also. Let’s do this…

My family may not be any of the professions above but I’d like to think I’m on my way to meme lord status…

The Cabin in the Woods – there are two types of people in this world, those who get this film and those who dont. I feel sorry for those who don’t…

Talking of Whedon…

Can you feel the nostalgia?

Dad joke to the max.

Not that I condone such activity but the meme here is strong…

It’s giving me palpitations just thinking about this…

Honourable Mention

Rest well Vader, you were the man behind the most iconic villain in science fiction cinema.

Book Anniversary Time

It’s been 1 year since Book 5 was published. This short but powerful 59 page story served as my sort of come back to releasing books after quite an extended time away. Hand writing the project from scratch gave me the opportunity to find myself after a very heavy and busy 2018. It’s dedicated to my late Grandfather who shared with me a real Ghost story when I was much younger – it stayed with me and became to inspiration behind the Ghost Beside Me. Even those who leave us can have a lasting effect on our work and lives. To those who have read and reviewed ‘Ghost’ I thank you.

And that closes out the longest November ever, it has also been the most successful ever for this blog in terms of views so thank you! See y’all in the next one!

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