Come what may…

Very early into this online authoring and blogging venture I learned that the American people are decent. No mater what happens today, especially if you are an American, remember that. Politics aside, to me you have always been supportive, loyal and welcoming. As people and whether or not you know it, that’s what you truly stand for no matter who represents you in office.

Some of my greatest supporters come from the USA. Some of my better interactions on here have come from American people. Even at the very beginning when I didn’t really know what I was doing and when I first put out stories on that outlaw site called Booksie, there were supporters then who still check in now from across the pond.

Perhaps with the coming result and even before you might need to hear that. So come what may, I don’t judge anyone on their politics alone and you American folks are always welcome here, with open arms.

2 thoughts on “Come what may…

  1. As a close neighbour with acquaintances in the US, I’m worried there will be violence following the election results, regardless who wins. I hope I’m wrong.

    On another matter, what was your experience with Booksie?

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    • Let’s hope things dont escalate over an election. Booksie was the first platform I used to showcase my very early works, for a beginner it was okay but sites like that in my opinion arent worth the time. This blog replaced it for me and I’ve never looked back!

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