Weekly Writing Inspiration #5

Because memes and twitter reposts are fun plus I need to maintain my blogging presence in some capacity…


Keep existing guys…


Ha, three word reviews can be brutal and so can kids.


I mean, I’ve never understood the hate for Nickelback. Is it just an internet thing?


The beer was good and I’m  not sure what’s more impressive, Amazon printing my stuff or someone caring enough to buy a copy during a pandemic…


Some actual inspiration on a writing inspiration post…

thumb up

An accurate description of most folks here in the UK during the hot weather. We have no air con, we have no real experience with hot weather, we are melting… 



Keep the change you filthy animal.



Today is the anniversary of Robin’s passing, even though I never met him I feel like I knew him from the so many films that inspired and brightened my life. God speed Mork.

One thought on “Weekly Writing Inspiration #5

  1. I can chime in on the Nickelback hatred lol. (I have heard other things about the name itself, but could be offensive toward certain types of ppl, so I’ll let you look that up yourself) So when they came out and started producing hits I think is about the time all the good music fell off of mainstream outlets. It was highly algorithmic music ( possibly produced by a super computer of some sort ) and then played by human musicians ( lol ). I feel kinda the same way about late Five Finger Death punch. If you listen to their very early music ( track example “white knuckles” vs stuff that has came out recently you can see what I mean, although I would rather listen to FFDP any day vs Nickelback. Haha. Disclaimer: I don’t ever 100% agree with anything I say out-loud so please take this with a grain of salt and I could be totally wrong without researching further on the subject.

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