Weekly Ramble #64

Nobody could have predicted that a pandemic would cause so much fucking stupidity amongst the masses. I want to think that it’s the few that have spread this dumb hysteria to stockpile food. This post was never intended to slam people or the ‘masses’ and first and foremost it’s a check in with all of you because I’m fine, and I hope you are too!

Empty shelves in 2020. What are we doing? Starvation is going to kill us long before some potentially lethal but possibly not flu – anyone else think what the fuck? While everyone seems to be panic buying for the apocalypse, where are the answers to any of this? Why don’t we know anything? To take Ibuprofen or not? Hot weather apparently kills it… Other vaccines or medications could work in helping fight it? I mean are there a bunch of old wives in charge of this thing? At this point I would prefer that; at least we would be comfortable and rational right?

Now that I’ve got my swearing out and vented just a little, I feel semi okay but this is quickly becoming a fight of a generation. People are still not listening. Stay inside unless you’ve got to work or get food. The whole lock down thing, that is a final final resort because it will kill the economy. Countries who have imposed it have done for the better of their people as opposed to GDP’s. The people running the show are probably just as miffed as we are about it all.

Over here in the UK a lock down would probably be pretty difficult to enforce. The schools close today – a sad realisation that there are some kids who won’t take their final exams this summer and finish school like they deserve. Teachers taken away from their calling. So so many jobs rely on places being open. This whole damn deal is such a mess but in this trying time, we’ve got to be strong, we must look out for one another, the older generation who are apparently susceptible to this thing need protecting; they raised us after all so now it’s our turn to help them. To those working in all walks of medical; they will be the real heroes in all of this,

I’m trying desperately to carry on with my normal schedule. Somehow I finished reading a book earlier this week and put up a review. Editing is 75% done of Darke Awakening and I fully intend to publish it this September. This is going to be the new normal for a while and so I will be checking in regularly via this ramble series from now on.

Wherever you are in the world, tell me about what’s going on? We have to be together in this no matter where we are. What’s happening?  







7 thoughts on “Weekly Ramble #64

  1. Over here, we’ve gone into full on “stay put and minimize contact” mode. (People can rebuild economy – but economy cannot bring back people.)
    I myself think of the shooting range analogy regarding prevention: “you always treat a gun as if it was loaded”. In other words: “I take precautions in my movement and hygiene as if I was a source of infection” – washing hands, being mindful what I touch, washing or wiping surfaces… Making more gaps in the chain of contact. Also, on outdoor movement, keep a few meters distance from others.

    If your local info-sphere is messy and noisy, try ours – not all guidelines are available in English, but there’s some practical bits, including on home treatment and stress management – https://www.terviseamet.ee/en
    Also check directly with WHO FAQ https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses
    FInd a consistent source of info and check that periodically – and tune out other newsfeeds for they will drain you more than they will help you.

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    • Forgot to add: over here, there is also a ton of volunteer action going on to alleviate the workload in certain areas and to help with supplies and logistics in others. The voluntary defense organization I myself belong to, sends people to assist border patrols, health screening & consultation crews at ports, and crisis hotline operators; we also share practical tips (general, not current-related) via a smarphone app, also standing by for more summons if necessary.
      Our city has launced a site where the helpers and those in need can better find each other; some companies are donating equipment for kids learning at home, many books and movies and exhibitions are being made available online for free.

      My workplace , the city library has suspended on-site services, but we’re going turbo with online content, and working out mail-drop based lending as we speak.

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      • Sounds like you guys are way more organised than here but things aren’t as bad as it seems. The govt over here are announcing stuff gradually to try and stop mass panic. The social distancing and staing in will eventually work I hope but we’ve got to all do it! There are volunteers over here locally, my neighbourhood has set up a thing via Facebook to help people who have isolated. My work place is scaling down it’s operation – a particle accelerator but it’s still open for control room staff – me but with just less shifts. These are interesting times.


  2. Not finding the lock-down too dreadful but I’ve worked from home for last 15 years so it’s just more of the same. I live on a private domaine so I can get out and walk every day and I’m limited my trips to the shops to twice a week. Nothing I needed was in short supply though dried pasta and tinned veggies had taken a hit. There was plenty of toilet paper, fresh fruit and veg.

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