Weekly Ramble #60

The bravest people amongst us are the ones who realise that they need to reach out for help. To seek a solution for whatever problem you face means deep down you care. And self care is so damn important in this life.

It’s okay to not be okay sometimes and admitting that is a victory in it’s own right. The truth is I have the highest regard and respect to those who talk about it in any way, shape or form. It’s alright to express your emotion in whatever way that helps process feeling. By all means cry, laugh, growl, sit in silence or even blog about it; hell I’ve processed stuff by writing whole novels (my poor readers…).   

I can only speak from experience when times have been tough in life and although it may appear you are falling down branch by branch landing between your own legs each time, trust me when I say eventually life does give you a break (from the nut shots).

Some things aren’t forever and this includes the suffering our minds can go through; just think of it as another stage in this journey called life. As much as it’s easier said than done coming from a guy in a ‘good’ place currently, these days we’re all not far from spiraling.

You could feel like that one in one thousand kid roaming the school hallway knowing and feeling that this place isn’t where you fit in; I’ve been there and some day soon that sensation of not belonging, much like school will fade. You’ll find those who are like-minded, that’s a human instinct to find others like yourself and school; it’s a public place, you have to do it for now but not forever.

You could be working a shitty job for a shitty boss just trying day in day out to prove your worth; some folks will never understand or appreciate that worth; by all means work hard and gain experience but not everyone deserves your energy and graft.

Remember that your own mind well being comes first and there are numerous ways to overcome rough patches; take a social media break, binge watch an entire series on Netflix , and personal favourite; keep a diary of how you feel and then look back on those days gone by to see how strong you’ve become. Lean on your friends, those who are true friends will be there when you are in need.

Life has a funny way of getting better eventually and whatever storm your in now, will blow over, trust me, even though I don’t know everything…

Do what you have to do to take care of yourself in this life.

What quote gets you through life?

I shall close with my go to quote from one of my true heroes…


Image result for buffy living quote











3 thoughts on “Weekly Ramble #60

  1. For the longest time, I took a lot of comfort in the 23rd Psalm – even though I’m not a Christian. There’s just something about that Psalm that hits me in my core everytime I come across it.

    More recently, I’ve taken to a quote from Carrie Fisher, which wasn’t even a quote really, it was more something she said in the documentary “Bright Lights” when she was having an acute episode of bipolar. It goes like this,

    “You know what would be so cool? To get to the end of my personality and just like, lay in the sun.”

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    • That’s pretty powerful. I’m not a religious type but it can be quite powerful. I tend to be more of a spiritual type like the way Jim Carrey is these days although you would be if you’ve done and earned what he has! Thanks for reading


  2. I’m not familiar with Carrey’s spiritualism, but now I’m intrigued. Normally, I’m not a fan of Hollywood types espousing deep thoughts about life, however I made an exception for Carrie Fisher because of the struggles she had with mental illness – something that I can identify with. To have uttered something so profound in a moment of deep pain really struck me hard. I won’t ever forget it.

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