-| Mini Paranormal Romance Review… The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall |-

Here’s a very recent review of my just released paranormal romance ‘The Ghost Beside Me’ which is available to download for less than $2…
A huge thanks to the awesome Feed the Crime Blog for the kind words…

Feed The Crime

So if you haven’t heard me talk about Lee Hall this year then I’ve no idea where you have been! Lee contacted me back in March to see if I would like to review his book Darke Blood which I really enjoyed! I then read and reviewed The Teleporter which I adored, it has made it’s way into my most surprising books of the year list.

When it comes to The Ghost Beside Me Lee asked if I would be a BETA Reader (my first ever time) and I just fell in love with the story it’s a paranormal romance which as you know is not usually my jam however I read this in one sitting!

Let’s just get started…

“Even in the deepest darkest of voids one can find something truly worth having in life, or death…”

The paranormal is a subject that E. Neville holds with the utmost…

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