Zone 23 by C.J Hopkins Review

A wordy but very addictive and immersive read…


Zone 23 is a story told in a uniquely odd and sometimes funny style. C.J Hopkins has created an imaginative and deeply descriptive world of social classes. There were many instances I found myself amused and then there were times I didn’t particularly understand whether or not something was supposed to be funny or more serious. Either way its a very immersive read and the author’s vocabulary range is like nothing I have seen before which is a big positive and something many aspiring authors should take note and learn from.

I found myself unable to put this book down and I managed to read it over a three day weekend although I didn’t get much else done as it is a very long but overall rewarding read. The description is heavy a lot of the time which unfortunately weighs down the flow of what is a really gripping and immersive tale.

Much of the themes echo to the world we live in today although it is set in a ‘dystopian’ world and makes fun of the genre in a clever and original way. Many of the chapters end on a cliffhanger giving it an effective page turning quality. The characters throughout felt three dimensional and believable in the world they live in.

Above all I would describe Zone 23 as a highly immersive, very interesting story with some attributes many of these ‘dystopian’ tales could only dream of having.

4 stars.

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