WWE Super Show-Down Results Live

The WWE are down under and televised for the first time ever. Luckily for me as a UK resident I got to watch Super Show-down live at 10am…


Melbourne Australia.

Match 1: Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

The Bar v The New Day (c)

Kofi and Xavier Woods choose to represent the new day and the action begins quickly with an assault to Cesaro. The bar fight back as the action heads outside for a brief ring post encounter. We see Sheamus and Cesaro dominate for most of the match with Kofi aiming for the hot tag… Xavier finally in for some high energy moves. Eventually the day team up on Cesaro to get the pin! A decent crowd warming opener that didnt drag.

Winner: The New Day

Match 2: Smackdown Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair v Becky Lynch (c)

A physical start to the match which sees Lynch lean into her new tougher gimmick. We see her reverse into the arm bar but Charlotte lifts her way out of the hold and starts to build momentum. The Ric Flair chops begin as the tables turn. Next comes a series of near falls  which eventually turns into a spear from Flair seeing the first near fall. She misses a moonsault leaving Lynch able to capitalise but misses a top rope leg drop. Becky rolls out of the ring and grabs her belt.

Flair pulls her back in and converts into a Boston crab but Lynch finds the rope. Another spear by Flair followed by the figure 4. Becky reaches for the belt and hits Flair. The referee calls for the bell as Lynch is dq’d.

Good back and fourth match with a typical house show feel.

Winner: Flair via DQ but Becky retains.


Next we see Elias and Kevin Owens in the ring over a spotlight. They talk trash and eventually Bobby Lashley emerges.

Match 3:  Tag Team Match: Elias and Kevin Owens Vs Bobby Lashley and John Cena

Lashley and Elias begin with some back and forth action. Lashley shows dominance early on. Owens makes his way in after a tag. Cena is kicked off the apron and so the double team begins. Now the match slows as both KO and Elias taunt Cena whilst working Lashley on the mat. Frogsplash from KO and a near fall. Cena frustrated in his corner and yet to feature. The hot tag builds and finally we see Cena in some high energy moves. 5 knuckle shuffle followed by AA to Elias and thats the match. Do0RjYjX0AAhNNE

Winner: Lashley and Cena

Match 4: Womens Tag Team match.

The Iconics V Naomi and Asuka

An action packed somewhat fun filled homecoming for the Iconics which saw the crowd come alive.

Winner: The Iconics

Match 5: WWE Championship match. No DQ and No Countout.

AJ Styles (c) v Samoa Joe

The fighting already starts on the ramp before the bell which eventually rings when they get in. Rights and lefts are exchanged. Kicks and slaps are laid in into what hopes to be a top match.

Joe finds himself on top and dives out of the ring onto Styles. Most of the action has been outside so far with AJ on the backfoot.


Eventually the tempo slows with Joe dominating. AJ impressively fights back from an impressive moonsault into a reverse DDT. Joe is there to shutdown any offensive attempts. Powerslam by Joe and Styles answers to a 2 count.

Blood is trickling from the mouth of Styles as he appears dazed. Another near fall by the challenger who then brings in a steel chair but Styles throw up a kick into the weapon. He grabs the chair and lays into Joe.

Next we see Joe botch a slam into the unflolded chair. Next he goes under the ring to grab a table. The crowd roar. The pair head up to the top corner with the table set up. Joe goes for a superplex in which Styles reverses into an electric chair dropping Joe knees first through the wood.

We see a springboard 450 from Styles on to Joes knee but no pin attempt. They go out and Styles hits the phenominal forearm to an out of it Joe. Both of them are weary now and there are submissions back and forth. AJ hits the calf crusher and Joe submits!

Winner: AJ Styles retains.

Match 6: Six womens tag team match.

The Riot Squad V The Bella Twins and Rhonda Rousey

This appears to be the cool down/go grab some merch match. The Riot Squad dominated over the Bellas as the wait for Rhonda Rousey builds.

Rousey eventually gets into the action and as predicted dominates. Arm bar attempt on Sarah Logans arm but is broken. Rousey then reverses and gets two of her opponents into a double arm bar. They both tap.

Winner: The Bellas and Rousey.

Match 7: WWE Cruiserweight championship.

Cedric Alexander (c) v Buddy Murphy

Let me guess… there will be at least one spanish fly in this one. The crowd are vocal for their hometown hero Murphy who starts agressively. He makes a sucessful dive onto Cedric and continues his assault.

The pace slows with Buddy still on top with a rear neck hold. The champ breaks out the assault with a thunderous super kick. They go up to the corner and Cedric hits a thunderous slam. The dominant competitor still divided as they head out.

Up onto another top rope corner they go with Murphy converting into a sit down powerbomb which answers to a 2 count. Lumbar check by Alexander in which Murphy kicks out of this was preceeded by a spanish fly.

Anything could happen now as Murphy hits a finisher to pick up the win! Biggest pop of the night!


Winner: Buddy Murphy new cruiserweight champion.

Match 8: Doplh Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman V The Shield

The match begins with a mass brawl. Rollins and Strowman which turns into the whole shield stepping in. They set up the announcers table only for Ziggler and Drew to break it up. The bell eventually rings.

The shield are on the back foot as McIntyre lays in an assault to Ambrose. Next we see Strowman enter followed by Ziggler who try to isolate Rollins.

The action spreads out with Strowman the front runner. Ziggler in again as this match is becoming a snooze fest.

Weirdly Braun heads to the top rope and fails to connect with a dive. This gives Rollins opportunity to tag in Ambrose who goes toe to toe with Ziggler.

Roman is tagged in and goes after McIntyre. DDT by Reigns but it isnt enough for a 3 count. Now we see a super man punch missed and into Ambrose.

Eventually Roman hits his scottish target but no pin. Roman and Rollins are surrounded until Ambrose rises and puts in the save. They clear the ring a go for a triple power bomb only for Strowman to take them all down.

In the ring Ziggler hits a finisher only for Ambrose to kick out. Outside Strowman is speared through the barrier. Back inside Ambrose hits the dirty deeds on Ziggler for the win.

Winner: The Shield

Match 9: No.1 Contenders match for WWE Championship.

Daniel Bryan V The Miz

A physical start to the match with Miz who attacks Bryan straight away.  He fights back with some yes kicks and the back and forth begins. Bryan rolls up the Miz and its a 3 count early on.

Winner: Daniel Bryan.

Match 10:  The Undertaker v Triple H

Before the bell it is announced that this match is no DQ. Both Shawn Michaels and Kane are in eachothers corner.

They tussle back and forth. Taker goes for old skool for HHH to block and try the same. Taker throws him into the corner for some big right hands. He hits old skool with sucess already we can see this going to be a slow burner.

The action moves outside with some brief interferance from HBK. A table is set up outside as Taker and HHH move near it. Kane is looming. Back into the ring they go. It appears the crowd is dead or muted currently as they head out again to the announcers table.

Into the crowd they go towards some wiring and tech equipment. Further they go deeper into audience. They loop around back to the ring. Taker gets out a steel chair. Eventually he lays HHH on the table and heads up to the apron. HBK interferes and is big booted.

Now Kane is on the table and HHH hits an elbow drop through it. Back in the ring Taker hits a chokeslam to HHH followed by tombstone. HHH kicks out at 2 and a half.

In a suprise turn Taker hits out at the referee. Theres no official in the ring as Taker lays a chair into HHH.

HBK dashes in and recieves a right hand for his efforts. Spine buster followed by a pedigree from HHH and Taker kicks out. The game sets up the chair around Takers neck and heads for the top corner. He jumps and hits. Goes for the pin. New referee in and Kanes pulls the ref out mid count.

HBK passes in the sledgehammer and Kane hands Taker a chair. Their weapons collide and they both go down. Hells gate from Taker with HHH still sledgehammer in hand. He begins to press it against Takers neck. They flop to the mat. No referee.

Something has to give here. Taker grabs the sledgehammer and is disarmed. They exchange move attempts and chokeslam from Taker. Second tombstone attempt for HBK to put in two superkicks followed by a pedigree from HHH for the win.

Winner: HHH

Overall PPV verdict:  Not bad. It dragged a little. Would have been better to see in person.






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