5 Reasons why YOU should read Open Evening

Shameless self promotion alert and as an indie author most of the time if I’m not shouting about my books, nobody else is. So here’s some top reasons why you should invest your money, imagination and hopes into the literature I have brought into this world, we’re gonna start where it all began…. Open Evening


1. Open Evening is different…

Okay, you’re probably thinking everyone says that about their stuff but stay with me here. Open Evening initially reads like a typical high school horror but spends most of the book being anti towards the genre and even turns the cliche back on its self. Our nerdy sometimes socially struggling narrator has to overcome so much more than a lack of confidence to survive what becomes a night of running and trying to live.

2. It represents kids today, even though it’s based in 2003…

Everyone who has ever been a teenager will know what I mean by the struggle of what high school is, and that is one of the main themes captured in Open Evening. I took the idea of this book from a bunch of notes I wrote when I was at school and could easily tell this theme ran throughout so I had to translate that to Open Evening. Whether your’e the bully, the jock, class clown or anything in between, there is something everyone can relate to in the whole psyche of high school and that is present in Open Evening and still relevant in today’s society, I mean look at 13 reasons why.

I will even admit there are some elements of Open Evening which are taken from my own personal experiences, so you could say its semi autobiographical.

Sometimes it feels the teachers are against you and sometimes it feels like the world is against you, just what ii really is, and something else was lurking underneath it all….

3. Open Evening is extremely action packed…

Yes there’s running and screaming, but there is also a lot of sequences that involve fighting and explosions. If Open Evening could be compared to a film it would sit somewhere between Alien, Aliens and Jurassic Park. The books and relatively short style chapters are designed to keep pages being turned and there is never a dull moment, and if it goes quiet be scared, be very scared…

4. Open Evening is practically free to read..

Technically if you have kindle unlimited you can download the e-book for free but if not the price is well below most books and if your’e like me and prefer holding a book in your own hands then you can find it via amazon for £6.99 or some dollars…

5. Open Evening is part of a wider franchise….

Open Evening is indeed just the beginning of a wider franchise which looks deeper into the occult world. By the time you have finished Open Evening there will be a bunch of head spinning questions in which the wider franchise will answer for you. This includes my second novel Darke Blood which is set in the same world as Open Evening!

This year Cemetery House will be released, the direct sequel to Open Evening. It will then move towards the world of Darke Blood in a cross over story planned for 2019! So there will be a plethora of books and stories to invest your imagination in, which all started with Open Evening….

6. Special bonus reason… Cemetery House is coming this Halloween!

c house


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