Andrew Lincoln to leave the Walking Dead

Okay so its time we talked… about the very recent news in television because if you are my demographic of reader then you probably know at the very least what the Walking Dead is…


The breaking news is (which you probably know by now) the show’s lead Andrew Lincoln and it’s main character Rick Grimes will be bowing out of the show by the end of next season (9). Fans of the hardcore persuasion reacted in one of two ways:

A groan and a mutter of ‘this show is properly dead now’, or…

‘Oh god please no why?’.

Most would probably be number 1, kind of including me, but why? 

Let’s face it the previous season (8) of TWD was pretty much a car crash which then the survivors of said wreck tried to stumble away and take the wreckage of that car and try to carry on with the journey. That’s kind of a deep metaphoric analogy but also pretty accurate. As s8 unfolded there came that slow build feeling that perhaps something major was shifting, and then they killed Carl…

Now all of the last series wasn’t bad, there were some gripping Negan v Rick things, a few twists and a continuation of some real good characterization, Morgan comes to mind, who may be one of the finest actors in the show, not to take away anything from the performances which in essence has kept the show running. There were action sequences and a lot of tension but I had this feeling throughout that a dark cloud had began to form over TWD, and maybe just maybe it’s taken things a bridge too far.

I’ve talked about my grievances previously and honestly think the performers and whole show is a victim of terrible management and overly bold writing which has attempted and failed to take the show somewhere different. In fact some places and arcs of the show have failed, whilst others (Father Gabriel and Eugene) have shone brightly, it’s a mess basically, and the fans don’t deserve the ride they have been taken on. I felt as if by the end of the season TWD had been dragged through mud and only just come out the other side. Retribution seemed paper thin, with the underwhelming disarming of Negan, and then the subsequent hint that next season solid alliances may be tested.

And now we hear that the show’s lead has chucked it all in… deep sigh. 

Viewer numbers are down and will be plummeting evermore with the absence of it’s main character. Half of me wants to carry on and see, whilst part of me thinks, is this really worth it? I always imagined the end of TWD to be some plethora of drama and high tension which included Rick and his son Carl, both of which will be gone. They are both synonymous to the story and personally I think neither character works without the other, maybe why Lincoln has come to his decision.

If I could fantasize and book/write the final episode of the TWD the whole show would have moved towards the impending doom of the human race. It was always going to head that way, even without a zombie apocalypse the human race is doomed (light huh?), but with this walker fest it still turns out that way. Rick will probably die dramatically a scene before the end and Carl would have survived with his sister, maybe a few others would be left, like Daryl who finally tells his back story. The whole thing would be wrapped up and maybe even left open for a future revisit.

It is such a shame that partial fantasy is dashed, I don’t think we are going to get a Breaking Bad style ending that all the fans deserve, more like a slow death of a show which not so long ago gripped the world of television.

No doubt Andrew Lincoln has brought a fine performance to TWD but even I think he’s had enough…


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