Red Headed Book Lover: A warning to Authors

Unfortunately we live in a world that is rife with the dishonest, and this is especially so in the Uber Democracy known as the internet. A place without any real regulation. I intend for this blog entry to act as a service first and foremost to my fellow wordsmiths who have delved into the world of publishing, independent or not, it is with great importance I come to you with this.


I don’t see other writers as competition but as fellows where we are all trying to convince the world our words exist. And it is our responsibility to look out for one another especially when our ultimate integrity is threatened. I use the word threat because what we do takes so much work and only a select will understand what that truly means, but for everyone concerned with writing books I have to do my duty for our industry. 

So here’s the story… and subsequent investigation… 

On the evening of April 19th 2018 I received an interesting email from someone called ‘Aimee Ann’ if that is ‘her’ real name is neither here or there. But what this person said is as follows… 


Sounds good right, I thought so, and initial ideas began to stir around my head in how I was to reply in order to sound as professional as possible, that is without sounding desperate for reviews. Because all writers need more reviews and the fact I overlooked where this person got my email from I was ready to bite her hand off for a review… 

I checked out the website, and initially I was impressed. This person is good, damn good. 


You cant deny the About section appears to be innocent and worded in such a tactical way for nobody to call bullshit. It’s all positive and draws attention away from anyone with an ounce of suspicion, that includes me. 

Of course the whole deal is written in a way to draw a level of sympathy, truth or not, and who the hell has 4 kids and still has the time to read, review and keep a damn blog up to date? I have no kids and have barely enough time to brush my hair! 

weird 2

And so I scrolled further down her rather wordy and ever so  positively innocent bio, until the ultimate red flag destroyed all perception of me believing this whole deal was genuine… 


weird 3


Red flag uno… is highlighted in pink above. No pictures personally tells me there is a hell of a lot to hide but this paragraph is very clever in delivery, its almost dastardly, as in evil villain dastardly. And I should know a thing or two about such characters, I’m a writer…

Look how she addresses the red flag and then diverts by involving her family and then even sub diverts by making the reader forget completely about the fact there are no photos of her by mentioning the husband and even diverts that as well. 

Next comes more diversion…


And let me state here, there is no shame in supporting military charities, but this is just another diversion away from the real facts here. All of this is to give an author a sense of security and trust. 

And that is, red flag numero dos…


At this point I knew the dream was over. ‘She’ charges for reviews… 

Any type of paid review service is quite simply unethical and viewed in the literary industry as morally wrong. Its cheating, its lying, its false. 

And so I used the google machine for a cold slap of reality to the face.


The Alliance of Independent Authors provided me with the above testimony.  

Yes folks that’s 75 big ones for a damn review! And so I poked around the interweb some more and found only a few people have lifted the lid on the Red Headed Book Lover’s blog. 


As you can see this email I screen grabbed from Blank Pages Revealed is identical to the one I got! 

And so my whole premise is simply to lift the lid for future authors who type Red Headed Book Lover into google and tell them simply, its an unethical scam! 

I will never reply to the email, it isn’t worth any more words. All you have to do is actually read some of her reviews; they are complete and utter trash, she clearly reads the blurb and that only. Look how she never comments on style, voice and quality of writing; that’s because she has never read a damn thing!

The problem is, there are so many authors who have fallen for this. Reviews are basically currency for authors, especially indie ones, and so when desperation for reviews meets opportunist, Red Headed Book Lover sits there waiting, and its wrong, so wrong.  

It is never right for an author to pay for reviews! You should ask me instead fellow writer, yes you! I review books for nothing, check out my review section via the menu above.

I can happily say Red Headed Book Lover and Aimee Ann, I call bullshit and by the power vested by me as an author and creator of worlds, you are banished by the realm of genuine writers. We pride ourselves on hard work and the money we spend to give readers an escape. We can do that without paying for reviews! So kindly fu** off!” 

Now you have read this as an author it is your duty to reach out to others and spread the word, together we can stop scams like this one writer at a time…


32 thoughts on “Red Headed Book Lover: A warning to Authors

  1. God, I feel like such a nube. My review just posted today and was very complementary but saying she had never heard of evil faeries made me wonder, just how many books have you read??? Oh well, have to chalk it up to a learning experience.

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  2. I was contacted by this person and I’m usually pretty smart when it comes to scams. I even had a funny feeling about it, but I was so eager to get my book out there that I thought oh it’s a small price to pay for something that will help me and unfortunately I fell for her scam. It is the first time I have ever been scammed so I feel very stupid. I only wish I had seen your blog before I paid her!


  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I received an email the day my novel came out. She did mention the cost in a followup email of $77. I don’t have any money and kept thinking I’ve heard you should never pay for reviews. I’m so happy that I googled her to check it out before making a decision.

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  4. Lee,
    Thanks for this post! I just got the identical email and decided to google redheadedbooklover just to make sure it was legit. And now I am enlightened! As many have said here, I was thrilled to get that email. Now I am thrilled to have escaped.

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  5. I am another unfortunate email recipient and cannot thank you enough for revealing the truth. Thank you for taking the time to set the record straight.

    Thank you again!

    RD Schou

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  6. I have just written my first book and have no idea how to promote it – I got this email and was so tempted. It seemed to solve every question. Thank you for stopping me. Still a little sad that I am no wiser how to proceed….

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    • Thanks for reading, indeed promotion is a daunting concept. I’ve tried a bunch of different things over the years, if you’re looking for some ideas then check out my resources section 🙂


    • If you are on Twitter, I have a list of book promoters and a list of book reviewers. You will find these under the Lists button on my Twitter homepage.
      Promoting is the hardest thing for most authors, because there is always more to try. There is no magic button. Good luck.

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  7. Back in 2017 i was scammed. I decided to check my old emails and saw. I noticed that it was suspicious years later. Talk about depressing. Well, at least i know now.


  8. Just received an email. Same thing as shown above. Let me tell you, I am working day and night to get my book out there, and I am not paying her to review. No. I think it is so dishonest not to say upfront that you charge, but I suspected as much. Then I went to her website, and she does not even list the price. I knew it would be high when she so “cleverly” said, “…my fee for this review is in the figure $$”. Um, no thanks. If ever I would pay, I’d put money toward someone a bit more smooth with their own writing.

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  9. I have used this service and find no problem with paying for a professional review. I am satisfied with the service provided. There are many other reviewing services out there and reviews are posted…good or bad. Let’s grow up. It’s a business and I have profited from having my books reviewed by paid services. I have found Aimee to be responsive and up front about any charges. She communicates easily and keeps you well informed as to the status of your upcoming review. After being in sales for 40 years the first contact, regarding her wishes to work with me, did not frighten me. On the contrary, I was impressed by her marketing techniques. It’s good to be careful but let’s not think that villains lurk behind every open book.


    • Unfortunately you are naive to think pretty much all of what you have stated. It’s clear to see near enough every review posted by this ‘service’ is false and it’s not a matter of growing up, the world of authors being vulnerable to scammers like this is something I take seriously to not only defend my own integrity but that of others. Admitting to paying for reviews makes it pretty obvious that your interests are no more than monetary – each to their own I suppose but that’s hardly anything to be proud of sharing. It’s also information that amazon will use to ban you from their publishing platform if they were to find out so be careful with that. This post serves to support fellow authors and not an opportunity for any level of debate, any further comments regarding your stance on this will be deleted. Thanks for reading.


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