My Mayan adventure

I am writing this blog entry with hopes it reaches those back in the grey of England for as I pen this my feet are in white sand and the blaring 10 am sun is slowly tanning my skin.

Having reached the shores of mexico a week ago I thought it be high time I report my findings so far. Cancun much like the rest of mexico has a pace that somewhat contrasts the bustling chaos that is the UK. Everything is laid back and there is zero urgency. Something which can only heighten the relaxion factor.

Our beach resort Catalonia is as close to paradise and Jurassic Park but without the dinosoars. The staff are undisputedly helpful in every manner. A full review of our digs shall come soon but I must share with you my day yesterday.

After spending a week climatising ourselves with the timezone and relaxation of a pool bar we went out on our first expedition of discovery.

Destination 1 would be Chichen itza; a historic partial ruined holy site consisting of a mostly still standing stadium and of course the pyramid seen below.


Our tour guide wasnt just telling us about the sights he showed us in the that the Mayan people were in fact engineers. Everything was placed in this sight for a reason. If you were to stand at the foot of those steps seen above and produced the right sound, it would echoe back and even sound like a bird.


The stadium seen above would be where two teams would play a game to get a heavy ball into the 9m high hoop seen against the wall. But you couldnt use your hands! We were told matches would last for up to 5 days and of course a sacrifice would happen after.

The smaller structure in the photo is where the priest would keep rule of the game and again engineering acoustics would come into play here. If you were to speak from this structure you could be heard from anywhere in the stadium area. Again my thoughts are these somewhat unknown people were more cleverer than I thought. Their religion was very much fused with creating structures which aligned with planets and their god the sun.

The next part of our expedition consisted of going deep below the hot surface of mostly mexican jungle. Our destination a cavernous sinkhole full of fresh water!

The swim was indeed cold but refreshng. Some of our party even took to a diving platform making their experiance even more refreshing. For something that looked like a film set this place was actually real.


Our final leg of the expedition took us into deep mexican jungle. The heat at this time of the day became blaring but we soldiered on to some more Mayan ruins.

Ek Balam was a site where we could actually climb a series of steps and various buildings. A place where the likes of indiana jones and tomb raider found its inspiration this settlement was a marvel which culminated in a grand set of stairs seen below.


With the almighty sun god on our backs and sweat dripping from our brow we began our climb. These steps were not designed for modern man and were indeed tricky but we made it. A few of surrounding and raher flat jungle in my breathlessness I failed to capture an appropriate picture.

And so our expedition into Mayan mexico drew to an end. I must give credit to our wonderful driver and of course to all the brilliant knowledgeable locals.

I must apologise for the lack  of detail in this post. I am without a keyboard and the internet isnt the best but for now I will sign off for now.

Adios amigos.


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