Mind the game: Escape room Review

An emerging craze of live action escape style games are sweeping across the nation. In fact there are an estimated 55 different places in London alone where you can find yourself confined to a room that you need to escape from.
By confined, in our case at the Willesden lane Mind the Game escape room, I mean the door isn’t locked literally but more figuratively. To begin with the place from outside doesn’t appear to be much, that only adds to the imagination and charm. Literally a shop front on a London street corner is all you need to make this game as good as it is.



You are met by a friendly member of staff who informatively explains the rules and what will happen and then a brief presentation follows. For us and this particular game there is a deadly pandemic spreading and the cure is much needed. The scientist/ doctor who has the curing serum is missing. Unfortunate for him but the serum is somewhere in his office and so the game begins.
With an hour on the clock you are taken into the room which is kitted out as a scientists office. Given very little in terms of clues it is up to you to go through his stuff to find your way towards getting hold of the serum!
There were a range of different puzzle type tasks from the obvious plain sight stuff to working out various numbers on the periodic table of elements. There were even chemical equations. Most of the answers led to keys or codes, slowly during the course of the allocated hour you have to open your way towards the eventual goal.
Of course moments came where all four of us were completely baffled by what lay ahead and rightly so we were given the option to ask for a clue. Although we only did this a handful of times, the written clues you do receive are as vague and cryptic so not to allow us an easy win.
After nearly 58 minutes we managed to crack the codes, open the locks and find the serum. Only because the dynamic of our team did we get this done. The escape room task is great idea for team coherence and building as you need each other to succeed. The challenges were real and difficult at times but a great way to spend an hour and the time does indeed fly.

Indeed a good birthday gift for my brother. An original concept which will only get more popular.

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