Trust my Own Words

Much of a writer’s life is spent in solitude without anything really newsworthy happening. I say this because this year has been a productivity struggle in terms of new material, and my fortitude and faith in writing has been truly tested.

Without going too far into a back story (which seems to be a habit of mine in writing), last year I took a heart heavy decision to drop a series that failed to find any sort of publication via the search for the ‘traditional’ way to be published. Writing a series without having the first book out there became like playing a broken record. Inside me there was still a burning desire to have the world read my work and maybe they’ll read that one day, but I had to start fresh and look within for another story, a new story.

Some time ago as a teen I had begun a story inspired by my school life and a dream that I had. Over ten years later Open Evening was born. A book that seemed incredibly easy for me to write as it was all there in my head, I just had to decipher it onto page. So I did and after some organisation, it will be published this September.

I chose to make this book so I can officially arrive as an author without ‘throwing’ away my original series books if it be a failure. At the same time I can build a following so the series can one day have a readership base. Having done all I can with Open Evening for now, I took the decision to try an put together another story.

Drafting began in late December and as of today it sits at 30,000 words. Somehow I have got this far. But why so slow you ask? A combination of things ultimately have led to this. One is work. I’m a shift worker now so a structure which writing thrives on is out of the window.

Secondly is the decision I have made to tell this story. Most of which I don’t really know. Yes very much of it is being made up on the spot. Previously with Open Evening and the series I knew exactly what was going to happen. This time I don’t.

The genre sits tidily between young adult and another, which I won’t say just yet. But its a proven formula for book sales and of course the originality of an idea which ultimately twists the genre into my own. Something which you will see in Open Evening. There are some really cool original concepts intertwined with the familiar.

All of the stories in the world have already been told. How you tell them is what makes them original in this age.

So slowly I have reached a sort of halfway point. One very important concept in this book is what I am hanging onto and thus built the rest around. My drive to finish this thing has never been higher. As previously said I have to go after this if I want it. I’ve just got to find my faith in writing again and more importantly. Trust my own words.

When I get closer to a finish of drafting, hopefully before the summer. I will announce the title and basic premise this book. Until then I shall disappear back into my words with hope they will turn into something more.

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