There was another debate…

Last night was yet another date on the election campaign debate tour and I have to say it was rather enjoyable. Good on ya BBC, you put on a decent show (I will ignore the 70’s for now). Talking of shows there were two no shows. The current leaders of Britain Nick Clegg and David Cameron were both absent. Damn did they miss out the action.

In fact the two words Nick Clegg weren’t mentioned once. Does that suggest the liberal democrats are now a lost cause?

So here we saw the five potential downing street parties go head to head about issues in forms of questions raised by the audience. The leaders all introduced themselves and the audience slowly came out of their shells to applaud some of them.

Already I liked this debate more than the 7 way a few weeks prior. There just seemed to be a better energy about things. One common theme of slamming David Cameron indicated that he had been badly advised not to be there. Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish national party even suggested a coalition with Ed Miliband’s labour party just to get the conservatives out.

Nigel Farage came across strong and with relevant points but half an hour in he weirdly insulted the BBC audience. He is quoted to say “This is a remarkable audience even by the left wing standards of the BBC.” We would then see the other candidates lay into Farage somewhat defeating him. Of course the pantomime style booing ensued. Although nearer the end he did get some applause. I will give it to the man, he can talk but is the controversy of UKIP really him?

Ed Miliband did his usual talking to the camera and people at home instead the audience. Although it’s kinda cheesy it does work. Yet again he talked about previous labour getting it wrong, and getting money from a mansion tax.

Leanne Wood from Plaid Cymru (Welsh party) came across likable, but are the needs of Wales the needs of the UK? Her best moment and maybe of the whole debate came from her comment to Nigel Farage about disagreeing with her opponent on the far right (boom boom).

Natalie Bennet of the Green party heavily opposed any type of nuclear weapons when asked about trident. (Cough cough, tell that to the other countries that have nuclear capabilities)

Well I think I have said something about every candidate.

From this debate and with 20 days until voting, I now know who I will be voting for. I t could be 1 of 7 or is it 1 of 5. Either way if you are of voting age in the UK, this BBC debate is definitely worth looking at.


ladies man

Ladies man



Thunderbirds are…….. BACK!!!!!

Calling international rescue, this is ITV and we have nothing to compete with BBC in the family science fiction department. That’s how it would appear to me anyway. The early Saturday evening slot has been a battleground for some time in the UK. With the trend of remaking and re booting blasts from the past (no pun intended) because this show really does begin with a blast.


In fact you could say it picks up right where Gerry Anderson’s 60’s puppet bonanza left off. Although mostly CGI (something which could put people off) most of the hard-core Thunderbirds fans really liked it. There were plenty of references to the old show keeping those fans in nostalgia city as well as hooking in the younger target audience.

Watching to me felt like the whole concept of Thunderbirds had been re mastered. Including the cool sequences of the Tracy brother’s journey to their numbered aircraft. I know the concept of computer generation compared to intricate models will seem short handed. But the detail was second to none and there was some real sets created. So here we are thrown back into a world of natural and man-made disasters and there is only one group that can save the day. International rescue.

The opening title sequence mirrors the original but this time around every character even the smaller names had much more involvement. Within minutes we were thrown around the globe to various rescue efforts and season length plot lines were spawned and teased to the audience.

Thunderbirds is all about the aircraft and all of the originals were there with some minor updates. Over all I was happy with this reboot/ continuation and will be watching more. But the only disappointment was at the end. It came to our attention that this show would be put out on Saturday mornings, an interesting and maybe idiotic choice. But maybe they see the Saturday morning slot as the big draw.

But there is an online petition to change that, check it out here


CGI does put people off but I thought it looked decent


The first episode being shown slap bang in the middle of a bank holiday weekend was an imperative and important choice from ITV, hopefully one that will attract more people to their channel swamped by bad singers, Simon Cowell and Ant.